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Parents talk to their kids about the challenge and keep an eye on their social media accounts Michelle Morello WTO news And here's Ian with your traffic And right back to the district Michelle eastbound on the freeway delays started to ease but it's still a sluggish ride eastbound freeway after the navy yard heading for the 11th street bridge in trying to get on to D.C. two 95 the crash onto 95 northbound before Pennsylvania avenue still very sluggish though I think we may be moving a little bit though still no updates from the front of the line if you've got one We'll take it 8 6 6 three zero four two but expecting to lay passing the navy yard if you were on the getaway right out of the ballpark early The westbound freeway delays before the third street tunnel and steady and heavy across the freeway westbound passed main avenue onto the case bridge color finds a couple stopped in the roadway westbound on the freeway near exit two for Potomac park in the exit for U.S. park police over on the right side and clear whether they are still in the roadway or not but the laser pretty evident extra caution and weight expected delays coming from the third street tunnel trying to get to the 14th street bridge Across the bridge we go into Virginia the work is going to be on 66 at least westbound They've got it set up in a couple of spots coming from falls church before the capitol beltway the right lane getting by the work as it has been most every night this week And then something new has been added Westbound on 66 after one 23 one to the left should be getting by that worked on it is a very sluggish ride trying to access route 50 beyond that you are good nothing cited so far eastbound And I say so far it's very early in the game yet 95 the only fly in the ointment at the moment and not an insignificant one southbound the work near set up for a Parkway just beyond exit one 36 actually with at least one left lane blocked northbound or should not be affected in Maryland BW Parkway southbound crash activity near the ramp for BWI Marshall airport at I one 95 crash said to be blocking one left lane This traffic report sponsored by Burke and Herbert bank local knowledge local decisions for commercial banking it's better at birkin Herbert bank at your service since 1852 I'm Ian Crawford WTO traffic Storm team four Amelia Draper Scattered rain showers out there on our Friday night with cloudy and chilly conditions otherwise low to mid 40s for tomorrow clouds build into the area after starting off with some sunshine and then some scattered showers.

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