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I was supposed to deliver at the president's position I went there a person who outranked me delivered the opposite talking points with the vice president directly told me to deliver during that meeting and Can't tell you how angering that was. When i walked out of that room. Yeah louis. Were you raised republican. I was. I talked to you in the shadow of the goldwater miller from cancer conservative family. I'm mexican american. My mom is very very catholic I'm actually part jewish as well. So i hard time representative catholic school. I gotcha well just you know. It's interesting because i i sort of i look at the the sort of what's become of i guess your party or the you know my dad's party. Whoever i even. George bush who i think is war criminal. We'll talk about that later. But we got us into afghanistan. Let's not talk about it but my point is like you know when he talked about compassionate conservative was for immigration reform. I mean even then it was not this level of crazy worrying where you you've seen right wingers literally cheering for the taliban like some of these right wing republic anything to try to bash. Joe biden there rooting for the enemy. I mean this fight against colvin. Were fighting them the the enemies within i mean it's it's isn't that sort of a sad state of the republican party. The the you know. We're yeah we're fighting cove and them on the home front and they're rooting for the taliban. It appears over since it's insanity it's and i just don't know you know. Gop that i that i knew back in the day is dead right now. I don't see any relates. i mean there's few and far between people still stand for it. And i i think it's so fascinating to watch the divide surfacing within the republican party especially on the afghan refugees and the issue. Right you have some people we've got their. Us allies get him over here. And then you have split and it's very fascinating to watch where this narrative is going to go now. But i certainly. I don't identify with any of what is happening in the party. And i you know i'm i'm a moderate conservative but i don't really i can't. I can't call myself a republican anymore. When i am sick to my stomach. What who these people are what they've become or the past. Few years ain't got such good news for friendship. Okay but you should address. Greg abbott on twitter. You said you've continuously challenged leaders across texas making it harder for communities to fight this cova pandemic cave to trump pander to his base today a wishes speedy recovery from covet. But even more so. I wish you would change of moral compass conscience and i just i hear it in your voice. I don't i don't feel hope for this person. That's the republican party. Do you know. And i am extremely angry with abbott. And you. I grew up in texas. I have seen firsthand hand. What he's done to state and local leaders That are trying to manage on how to protect their local populations in school children. I mean i. I cannot wrap my head around the fact that you are purchasing going out of your way to make it incredibly challenging for people to fight this pandemic just because it's you know platform and you're doubling down on something that you started doing under trumpet your so scared of this base that you will go along with the narrative that puts people at risk that kills people. Yeah i. it's recalling shameless. And it's irresponsible as well..

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