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It's fine. We'll all the same business Stanton often remarks that my foot has rather unusual fund us from my mouth. So please, forgive me. There's nothing different. That's actually why I'm here. There's something that I think that you need. No mister secretary about Lucy. All right. I recently made some rather unpleasant discoveries about her character discoveries that were made all the more unpleasant. Father's murder. It seems that miss HALE is not who she appears to be. Do you mean? Well, it was brought to my attention that she has been. Carrying on with another man both before and after our engagement behind my back and needless to say, I called off our nuptials the moment that I heard Robert. I am so sorry. I almost didn't see anything. I almost didn't come to you at all. I suppose because even after everything I still feel this. This full hearted to protect her protector. From what from you, sir. I don't understand. Lover the one that she's been seen behind my back. It's John Wilkes booth. Eighteen sixty five is an airship starring Jeremy Schwartz as Edwin Stanton. Also, featuring in furnace Stephen bolt. Jessica Renee, Russell, Bruce L j Michael Tatum million Jackson, and we'd burn created by Stephen Walters, and Eric are written and directed by Stephen Walt executive producer Lindsey Graham co executive producers, Eric are Chila, Robert McCullum,.

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