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Took me to theater all the time. And he didn't wanna pay for my ticket. So what he would do is that intermission? He would just say go in the theater and stand in the back. No one's going to question in Asia. Robbery. Right. You know, and they never did. And I was terrified. But I would go pushing. So for like until I was like fourteen I only ever saw like the last half of any. The last half of the king. And I the last half vani I had never seen the beginning of any of these shows because he would always have me in and intermission. So I think I caught the acting my aunt Ellen who obviously named after was his wife in she's still alive and lives in Boston. And she tells me a story that she took me to see the rock cats at Radio City Music hall and went when I was five or six and I jumped out of my seat, and I said, they're alive they're alive. And so I think they have young. I caught. That's when I caught the bug. I guess I love that. I love it. So you're in Miami. You're you're tending bar and over waitress in Miami Beach, and then how did you get back to New York? What have I knew that? I wanted to be an actor when I moved to Miami. I knew that I had spray shit to be an actor but coming from a working class town. It's not anything even remotely knew how to approach. So I thought well unto frayed to move to New York by myself. I don't know anything about Los Angeles or the west coast. I had no relationship to it at all New York. At least I had been going. I was a kid. So I felt very comfortable their re studying in Miami said, no, no, I was a cocktail waitress. So I was starting the art of the hustle. Yes. Yes. Which was very easy to do in Miami. Because everyone was so fucked up. Yes, you know, there was so many drugs and so much drinking, and I was not really into that stuff. I would just work every. In the club. So I was able to take all those men for all their Trink money, and it's such a trend, especially back. I'm sure it's still is a transient town because people come in and out from around the world people coming in and out of Miami. So the hustle was real and the hustle was deep. Yes. And all the guys, you know, all the models were down there at that time, and they would have done anything to just be with these models. So I used to work the VIP room at the clubs, and I would say to the guys like I can get a couple of models to come over to your table. But you're going to have to buy four bottles of crystal, and you're gonna have to pay me to get into this room. So I had and then the models made out because they got to drink free all night and the guy's made out because I got to drink with model. So I guess I was kind of like a pimp. And then I was saving my money and new eventually I would have to make a move and I worked in Miami for four years as a cocktail waitress. I made a ton of money, I stuffed it all under my mattress. And then I took that and use that to move to New York City. So at least I felt comfortable like I had a little cushion. And did you when you moved to New York? Did you go to classes study at HP studio? I did I went to HP studio. Yup. I I had this great teacher. What was his name? I can't remember. But I remember being irritated in the class because I wasn't getting critiqued. It kept telling me good. I was like this guy. So full of shit. I couldn't possibly this be this. Good. And I'm not gonna learn anything with you kissing my ass and telling me how good I am. I think that I thought he wanna sleep with me or something. I just you know, I don't know. I just I didn't feel like it was learning anything. And then I was bartending also. And then an agent approach me while bartending girl, I thought she was trying to pick me up. She turned out to be a real agent. She sent me on some additions. I booked an episode of law and order fairly soon..

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