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So we. Brought up how Jalen, Waddell has some serious value as a kick returner he's been a primary kick returner with Alabama and he has produced some pretty big special teams plays as that type of a kick returner. So that's one of the things that comes into play with his value Chris, and the other thing too. The way that you have to talk about his usage I don't think that Jalen Waddell is going to be. A fifteen to ten reception guy. Again, I just don't think that he has that in them and just based on his usage at Alabama. I think that this is a guy that is going to have five receptions and can go for hundred yards be with those five receptions because he has a forty yard reception or a sixty yard reception or a handful of. Twenty Yard Receptions just off of those five touches, you could probably get one hundred yard day out of him with only three receptions because of that big play threat that he provides I think that main value get with drafting him is similar to that of why the raiders drafted Henry Rugs you're getting a supreme athlete that is going to come in you can use him as a gadget. Player and you'RE GONNA burn the hell out of defenses almost a little bit like time kill in how he may not get twelve receptions a game more. So early on in his career, but he can burn defense. So easily if he has the space to do so yeah, I think tyreek hill might be really good comparison for wattle because both players just look like they're. Playing either a different game or playing the game at a different speed than the defense. I saw plays where Waddell had the bone his hand and there was a defender with a good angle and Waddell just broke the angle in the defender could not catch him it almost like there was a force field around him or something the defender just could not closed that last gap. Said before players like that have value. They're not the kind of guy you want to build your offense around. It's going to be too high variance for that. But if you can get him in the right scheme, a scheme that's likes to use the slot position as a big play threat or set him up with a good screen game or uses passing concepts that. Generate run after catch opportunities. then. He is going to be a regular producer of big plays even if he isn't a high volume player sort of wrap us up on today's episode as we've always done so far we are going to highlight a game that we are going to be watching out for this weekend, a game that you should be watching, and also some prospects that you should be paying attention to that being pin state versus Ohio. State to. Ranked Teams Penn State, falling to Indiana this previous weeks still a very talented team Ohio state is obviously the favor in this one and Chris. If we're just naming some prospects that our listeners should be paying attention to folks, you should be watching out for Justin fields. You never know what can happen with the Daniel Jones situation besides that though Chris O. Lavi, their wide receiver Star Wide Receiver, one of their best corners Sean Wade. Josh Meyers their starting center. Barron Browning their linebacker than for Penn State Pat. FRYER move starting tight in Jason away their edge and also shocking Tony. As well, yeah, and I think just even more than the game which these are two good teams. It'll be interesting to see how penn state comes out because they had just. A Gut Punch of a loss last last week did Indiana A. Overtime Penn state scores a touchdown Indiana scores a matching touchdown and then goes for the two point conversion and wins on that and that's a team they were. They were expecting to get blown out by PENN STATE NOBODY EXPECTED Indiana to be Penn State, and yet they did it will be interesting to see how the nittany lions. Just respond to that. Because in this game, they're the underdog will they come out and fight against Penn state or SAR come out and fight against Ohio state or will there be a hangover from that lost so that's a big matchup. Folks make sure you pay attention to that one specially for all the huge prospects that are going to be playing in at seven thirty. ABC again is the kickoff for that game being the Primetime game on Saturday night folks. Thank you for tuning in as always be sure to hit that subscribe button wherever.

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