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AJ. Austin ninety nine point seven FM. Who had harsh words for the prosecutor who has been sitting for a year patiently allowing her an opportunity to do right? And she has failed the mother's saying police they executed my son, the twenty twenty presidential election very much on the minds of two candidates today. One of them, President Trump would dress the conservative political action conference in Maryland and predicted a second victory, and what we did in twenty sixteen the election. We call it with a capital E. It's never been done before. And we're going to do it. I think again in twenty twenty and the numbers are going to be even bigger. Candidates have been lining up to challenge the president on the democratic ticket, including Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders who kicked off his campaign with a rally in his hometown of Brooklyn principles of our government will be based on Justice. On economic Justice. On social Justice. On racial Justice. Sanders. Lost the last nomination fight the Hillary Clinton in two thousand sixteen. This is Fox News. Brought to you by Online Trading Academy. Newsradio KLBJ. I'm Robert Wood topping Austin's news. The president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas expects Texas to grow at a faster rate than the national average for the reserves. Robert Kaplan says a lack of skilled workers is becoming a real drain on that growth lag the country in that science reading scores for Kaplan says the state's population growth gives us an edge as well as the thriving oil and gas sector, the state's diversity, and the fact that our population is younger than the national average are all pluses to continued economic vitality. John Kelly, NewsRadio KLBJ state lawmakers wanting to amend the law if he says is designed to trap low income drivers into a cycle of debt Representative James white says people sometimes give up on trying to outstanding civil fines when they realized doing. So may cause more financial hardship. Emily, Gary is with the Texas fair defense projects campaign save so they can pay off their tickets. They go in. That they're going to pay it off. And then they get hit with a new suspension for one to two years some end up in jail two years ago. Austin made the decision to stop jailing low income residents if they were unable to pay those fines Caldwell county state, Senator John Syria, co-sponsors Bill and constitutional amendment would keep money collected on these sporting goods sales tax devoted to state and local parks Travis counties. Sign says that tax creates grants in the past our parks department here at Travis county has been able to receive and benefit from some of those grants. But over the years, the state has siphoned off a lot of that money for the budget and time estimates it cost Travis county parks a billion dollars over the last twenty five years.

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