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Watching this. Livestream can text me. Sixteen year old son Bottle opener i think. I think that's an excellent parenting. Move all right so you got some hill. We'll go down to the bottom right hand corner with what he got okay. I'm drinking a blue moon. I i like that from the bottle. And chris with you got. I always go with the weeds. But this time i went for a new england. Ip a it's a two juicy ooh to roads very here in connecticut to roads. I like that and i. I'm going with vodka soda. But i'm from sky appreciate this. She got me this pint. Glass from the deep end was the bar. I was swimming. I was a kid swim coach while in pc school and the bar at the pool called the deep end and this was the deep end appreciation. Day better known as dead. The cheers to you guys cheers. Thanks so much for coming on the show. Brian and drink with us First round is brought to you by our friend owns recovery science. They are single source for. Pt's looking for a certification in personalized blood flow restriction rehabilitation training. The far as the cool kids are calling it. These days Find them online at owens. Recovery signs dot com. Seen a lot of stuff going around with alex smith of the of the Washington football team football team and his recovery. After i think it was like an anniversary today i believe sauce. Find your belts Himself about johnny owens and his team and be a forest part that recovery is kind of cool cool twist and where to get physical therapy on a main stage so yeah. Their website owns recovery signs dot com. All right so the show. I've had this kind of discussion I think it's a. It's a great setup to because we got skied on them. And so you're the chair. Marymount where i went to school. We've got laurie. Chair of eighty still and our producer. Juliet as where she goes to school. Behind the scenes also behind the scenes. Current student Bridget nolan at sacred heart university. So we're tying the things that these are the giants upon the shoulders that we stand right now So the episode kind of came out of this which is what makes a really really good..

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