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Of the conservative publication the weekly standard mr burns good morning good morning is it true that republicans face the consequences of making a promise on healthcare that maybe some of them never really meant that while i think they meant it actually a but they didn't realize the the tensions in the what happened in and the difficulty would be to actually vote for it we need could go into effect in other words vote for repealing obamacare in the the sticking in a plan with their own for healthcare what makes it so hard for republicans to unite behind an approach well look republicans are divided on a lot of issues is a conservative wing and a moderate wing and then there's some people had between the thing about this healthcare issue his they were not divided on it they all of it for over the years i put it in their in their it did that was the number one thing on their agenda i mean steve how many times have you had i heard that this is the worst piece of legislation i've ever seen by by members of congress say that republicans in but when they wind up to have to do something they realized that there are a lot of people who are unhappy with it i don't two hundred military majority but they what they are unhappy with the an company dassault for a difficult although the they they have reasons i mean you've written about dean heller the republican senator for vata who's been very critical when it gets down.

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