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President trump and kim jong turned into everything from bobbleheads to trolls but you know what's really strange to see together their signature reaction on twitter ranged from kim jong has a cute signature to preposterous others noted it's rising trajectory looks like a missile like a flying rocket actually space and something a handwriting analyst picks up on immediately you long gated space between each letter that he needs space from people he doesn't like for people to get too close to him contrast with president trump's hands on personality reflected in his crowded signature trump clearly loves themselves because of the size of certain letters trump's writing looks like a freight train lacks compassion that goes on instinct while cams is deliberative and though there are signatures couldn't look more different dr experts says they do indicate similarity they don't forgive easily they hold onto grudges both men apply a lot of your shirt when they right i was not surprised by the anger strokes because i've seen those type of strokes and other dictators president trump's signature grace the pen placed on the table for kim to us but instead at the last second his sister and close advisor pulled a switcheroo so we're shining a very important document and holding that pen where the hands of a much shorter man making president trump's hands finally loom large mouse new york it was all this date in eighteen eighty eight congress created the department of labor siegfried and roy siegfried is seventy nine today he suffered a career ending injury in two thousand three when a white tiger bitten drag him by the neck during a show at the mirage in las vegas also celebrating birthdays today the un secretary general bond ki moon is seventy four actor comedian tim allen is sixty five loved him and home improvement and actresses mary kate and ashley olsen are thirty to america in the morning for wednesday june thirteenth twenty eighteen is produced by tj katini associate producer cathy johnson i'm john trout westwood one news.

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