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One has to note the touchdown passed zakar on third and seven from the twelve yard line where he beat devin mccourty and remember he like fumbles it or die right okay so can have yeah you know whatever form and it's to go through whatever was so but but i really like taking one small play or period of time bracket and totally dissecting it and telling you absolutely everything about that moment in time you know i remember here's one thing and all and we'll go so when laurence taylor remember when laurence taylor suspended for the first four games of the season yep k nineteen eighty eight or eighty seven one of those too but he gets spent an i broke the story and bill parcells called me at the time there's it's just in the newspapers on the back page new you broke the story and so parcells calls me at six fifty am he calls me and he says i got a no how did you know how did you get this he was fuming he was fuming and he says you know what we we haven't even told taylor and he didn't even know he was gonna they were gonna find out on monday that's a tremendous job harry harry carson went to lawrence taylor's house and lawrence taylor is hiding under the bed in his bedroom hey didn't he didn't even want to come out and those are the kind of little things that always remember those i need you to put that in put form that would be no i see i love the hit you as you said i love the history i and the living history right i can't get i really read the keith hernandez have to get it he did a great job with it yeah yes i had him on baseball but you know they came the day to the book came out so i didn't have a copy of it and i put them on baseball two segments with keith and if i would have done the interview following.

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