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Part of the problem is it's not a you do these amazing unicef commercials right but It's not a thirty second. Unicef commercial is a lot of complexities. There takes time and often. Don't get that level of complexity and communication from our federal officials. So that's why. I try to fill in the gaps and do things like this or from social media. There's no nuance and social. Media take started this podcast hard to sail that in two hundred eighty characters right so right exactly. Christopher in rob both asked what can we expect from new variants emerging if the world is not vaccinated. Well stay in the delta delta's a pretty bad one right in terms of level of transmissibility and there may be some partial resistance to vaccination as well. So it's about as bad as you get the worry of course. Is that with continued mutations you get one that's completely resistant to vaccines and and i don't think that's going to happen because you know when you when you do see the mutations in the spike protein which is how all the vaccines work you see the same motifs repeating itself. It's always the same three or four or five amino acid substitutions in the five one position for four position. The for seventeen position. I don't think that's going to happen. But clearly i think the other point that's really important to make one of the fake talking points from anti vaccine. Groups is that vaccine select for vaccine resistance and and it it ignores the fact that alpha arose which is the uk varying arose in the uk before any vaccines were available. Delta rose out of unvaccinated populations in india. So it's clearly the unvaccinated populations where the new variants arise. That's why it's important to get vaccinated. Well there are many people in the chad Who are asking if you can provide some messaging that has been effective in convincing. Vaccine hesitant people to get the vaccine. Well i think so. This is another important point because people focus a lot on the on the talking points. But now i think with these groups you know especially from the conservative right. It's not even a matter of the talking points. They use that as an excuse but again. It's this political defiance political allegiance. That's the problem. So for instance. Everyone was focusing. Hey we've got to get these vaccine approved. Because they're saying their release for emergency. Use their their rushed. They're not tested for safety. I'm holding out until the vaccines are approved I don't think that's going to be that much of a game changer. Think it's going to be more. The employers will feel comfortable doing mandate. So i have a piece up from the british medical journal out today put up online. Twitter site That basically says. I don't think it's going to do that. Much for vaccine hesitancy so so. A lot of people want to do a deep dive in the weeds around the specific fake talking points. And i think that's useful for a lot of people are for others. There's about a list of a dozen fake talking points and it's like playing whack-a-mole you know you knock went down. They'll just over to another one but among them is now that it's approved. These are not through emergency use. I think that's useful the big one that i tried to defuse as you know the message coming from Conservative groups is that. Hey if you're young and healthy and fit and you go to the gym every day. You know you're you're fine. You just going to be like the flu or you'll feel sick for a day. You don't need that vaccine at us. Not true and the proof is all of these young healthy fit people. Now in hospitals across the southern part of the united states is not a substitute for virus. Neutralizing antibody this delta variant is so aggressive You need to get vaccinated We have a lot of questions about what to expect from the variants Also can we ever achieve herd immunity with all these variants. I think i don't even like using that term anymore. Because that's another term. That's been so misused. By the remember. Ran senator paul rand paul saying twenty two percent herd immunity. They throw it all these fake low numbers to convince people that now they can opening up and and and and so i don't even use the term her immunity. What i say is when you've got a virus is transmissible. And there's a simple formula. Sometimes people use it's one minus one over the reproductive number of the virus and on that basis. You know we're probably going to have to look at eighty. Five to ninety percent of the population vaccinated. So it's like measles right. That's what we do for. Measles ninety five percent of the population. That's global right. That's the you. Let's talk about the us for now okay. So for the us to to eliminate measles we got a well over ninety percent of the population vaccinated. So it's doable. This is almost not quite as transmissible is measles but more than anything else. We've seen on terms of cova nineteen so we're getting those kinds of numbers so it's a really high bar. Eighty to eighty five percent of the population vaccinate not eighty five percent of the adults. Eighty five percent of the whole population vaccinated means essentially all of the adults in that all of the adolescents. While it's happening now in vermont and massachusetts stock going to happen down here so you know that it's a it's a pretty high bar so tony Couple of days ago said he doesn't know we're going to be end this until twenty twenty two. I would say it a little differently. I'd say it'll end when we can get everybody fully vaccinated and that's that's what we've got. Aspire to do is convince her brothers and sisters from the conservative groups especially to get vaccinated so we can end this epidemic in the united states. And of course we'll do our best to pursue that global Wrong matchup bummer. Let's let's leave everyone on a positive note. What gives you hope in this situation. What where do you find your hope. Well i find hope first of all through people like you who are so committed to this and and you know my colleagues in the scientific community of been so generous sharing data. I mean we've scientists. We've been sharing data putting up information on print servers. Like i've seen in. So that's been an. And i do in our regular zoom call with some great colleagues like by koster home and steven hahn former. Fda commissioner peggy hamburg. These are just you know. Absolute reno Heaton formerly the gates foundation these brilliant people and and that's been really gratifying i've been really very happy with the quality of the science journalism the science journalists who working so hard to get this right And i spent a lot of time with them and a lot of them. Don't have a science background so they've had a steep learning curve but they've really come through i think in in in a big way And the and the fact that the spike protein is a soft target of the virus in. It's not that complicated to make a vaccine. It's it's all a matter of getting people to accept it and in hopefully we can move forward on our vaccine and start vaccinating the world but so it's that last.

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