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It's just, I'm going crazy, and once again, this is my 5th pick. Uh huh. You guys had the opportunity, but I guess you don't respond to beauty and heartbreak. And world centered around women. So that's fine. Here it is for me. Recently. Yeah. Recently, voted nursery on the site. This is unfair, but I loved this movie. Was it too low on that list? Oh my God. Coming up next. Oh my God. So that's my drama. Coming up next was portrait of a lady on fire. Are we sure that isn't the pod we should be making? I feel like the pod, the green tea pod, the green cinema. All teases. But it's like all high art films though. No better than get out, coming up next. Coming up next is Claire Denis actually doing our best work. Stars at news coming up next. Yeah. Okay. You don't have a green ET's do. No, I let you guys do this and then I laugh at it. Velvet buzzsaw, the film might crawler wishes it was? Maybe coming up next. First, subway fresh day caught live. Knives out, more like ten toes down, Ryan Johnson, a big struggle phase coming up next. But we really let it let it rip. We let it all hang out. I think I could have done really well in sports talk radio. Just like really, really, really overstated opinions about things that don't matter. I'm incredible at that. It's what you do every day. I know what sports, though. Yeah. You know what the problem would be? Guys on the phone with you. But are you talking about? I love the callers. No, can you imagine if somebody fucking called you a shoddy? Steve Cohen's gotta spend some money. I'm gonna fucking end it right now and you would just be like, now I'm sad. No, I would be like, no, I'm so strive down to the studio and sit with me. Come sit in my lap. You would get fired 'cause you'd be like, just send it then, fine. Yeah, you'd be like, what you should definitely end up, I'm gonna end it too. I want to quit my sport seems like every 13 days, so it would be hard for me to have that job. Are you back on the next? No, I think that would make it easier for you to have that job. You're supposed to be outraged. I want to quit. I'm well suited to it 'cause I'm raised by it. I am back in on the Knicks because they have won 5 games in a row and Julius Randle decided it's 2020 again. And I don't really know what to make of that. But it's been exciting to watch. I really, truly hated Julius Randle for the last 12 months. And so now I've had to cope with him being an excellent basketball player. It's very strange, very strange team. But yeah, they're currently a playoff team, which is just amazing to me. Okay, it's December. It's a fair point. I don't have a comeback. They're the Knicks. So I won't be defending them. In my upper. And I have to ask a question to the chairman of the board. Chairman chair people of the board. Oh, I thought you were going to say to a moment of the board and just talk to me. The chair lady on fire of the board. How we haven't done a lot of genre manipulation recently. We've been very honest and we're like, you know, I know. But I think that at a certain point, things open up, you know?

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