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To this boy's County. Jail. US HDTV LOS Angeles It is Right. Talk radio. 7 90 KBC news at noon. I am Tom Loony. Car bomb went off in Nashville this morning. No known fatalities. A few people were hurt. They'll be okay. Downtown Nashville looks like a tornado went through it. The explosion came from an RV that had a recording on a loop, announcing that a bomb was about to go off so people did have a chance to clear the area. If anybody was in that RV, he or she is dead, But they have no idea yet. If anybody was the FBI is on the case. Stabbing at Griffith Park has left the LAPD nonplussed. Some guy was kidnapped in south L, a stuffed in the trunk of a car driven to Griffith Park, stabbed and left for dead. But it wasn't dead. He pretended to be. And then, after the suspects, the four of them ran off. He limped to the Ranger station and got help. He's in the hospital. He'll live l A. P D doesn't know yet who those four guys were. Remember Jetpack guy, the guy seen by multiple pilots hovering around l A X and the jet pack a couple of months ago. Well, he's been seen again. But this time somebody caught him on video tape. The FBI is investigating jetpack guy again. Oh, come all ye faithful to the liquor store and buy a mega ticket. Somebody could really get lucky this Christmas. Thanks to the mega millions jackpot up for grabs its $352 million tonight. Boxing.

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