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But then Orton gave him an RKO for the second week in a row. Great, 'cause he's losing as well. Best. That's right. Yeah. There you go. There's raw. That's it. Hunk of shit. 5 roll ups, a couple DQs. The fucking such good shit . Three of the biggest fucking stars of the past ten years. Show up on your not our competition. Show up on their pay per view. And this is how you this is your answer to it. Shit. What do you say? After T bar and mace lost, you can have T bar beat the shadow mace. Rip off everything. Smear off his Mac off and grab a microphone and be like, I am not T bar. I am Dominick dijakovic and then just like the fans would just lose their shit. They would. And then they'll hit his music and then they would lose their shit again. And then that's one way. And then Keith Lee comes out to hug him 'cause he's back and Keith Lee gives him the big black cop. Well, it is. The BC. I mean it is. But it is, right. I mean, that's easy. That's easy writing. I know. Easy. So that would have been. That would have been one good thing that happened on the show. I am not T bar. I am dominating. No. What do we get? A lot of. Antelopes. All right, let's give some awards. And by wards, you mean only worse 'cause nothing is the best. Yeah. All right, who did you have for worst dress? I had Carrie in the gimp cross. This week, I'm gonna go with Nia Jax. Andrew, carrying crawl. I'm picking carrying cross and told me until it's gone. That's fair. Yeah, yeah, which it won't be gone, so spoiler alert. Yeah. Best dressed. I'd Bianca Belair. So did I? She was wearing the least amount of clothes. That's why I chose her. I've never seen Tony storm look as good as she looked. She looks great. Yeah. Super cute. Worst acting. I had Logan Paul. Oh, it's too easy. I had Nia Jax. He wasn't just being a terrible wrestler in that match. She's so bad. I do drop for whatever she said. Best acting. I Becky Lynch. Yeah. I Paul Heyman. Okay. Paul Heyman's good, Arnold. Yeah. The worst comment. Bianca never complained. Yep, that's what I had. Sweep it. Best comment. But I'm bottom right. Who are you? I am Morrison just saying like I fought DX, you know, the cool members. Yeah, that's for now. Sure, whatever. He also then squirted carrying cross. Yes, he sure did. They cancel each other out. That's true. Yeah. Worse match. 24 7 title. 'cause that was in the ring. Yeah, that counts. All right, yeah, that's mine. Yep. Sweep it? Yeah. Super slo-mo? Not a versus Charlotte? Yep. Yeah, sweep it. Sweep it. Best match? Ben versus reigns? Yeah, sweet but again. We swept all the matches only one good match and it was definitely and it was a good it was a really good match. Remember, right? You know? That's why SmackDown's better. At least there's some stuff you can enjoy on shrimp. That's true. We're smooth. Reggie's tea bag sent on. It's pretty good. I had Tamina just being late for the pen breakup. Pretty good too. I had Nia landing on her ass to take a power bomb. Okay. Best move. I had cross flipping Morrison on top of the post. Yeah, that was good. Look fucking brutal. That's what I had. I like Seth doing edges moves. Yeah. Okay. Worst moment or segment? Man. 24 7. See? Seeing Jeff Hardy with the 24 7. That's it. That's it. 24 7 party. And Logan Paul made an appearance in his own Jeff Hardy. Right. Yeah. That's bad. Best moment or segment? Bottom right. I had Heyman's ringtone. I mean, I thought that was probably the funniest. I thought that was good. Xavier Woods saying babe, you know, that was kind of good. Yeah. Not a lot to do. It's hard to pick a good moment. It's like looking for the penny and the stinky pile of shit. Like a needle in a haystack, kind of thing. Like I hate a needle in that shit stack. Oh, shit's dak. Stack of shit. Oh, why am I even looking for this needle? You know? I know. I just want to watch dynamite now. I know. Just so excited. I really am. All right, breaking news. WWE released a trailer for a documentary about WWE's post 9 11 episode of SmackDown, which aired just aired live just two days after the attacks. The special features, Vince McMahon, Bruce Pritchard, Steve Austin, urge, Booker T and others. The documentary will premiere this Friday on peacock. I watched the trailer, it's really just like a look how awesome WWE was for saving us from 9 11. Look how patriotic we were. They were like everything on TV was just, you know, death. And we decided to save everyone. Yeah. It's like, all right. Also, there is a new WWE movie coming to Netflix. And new. Next month. Did you hear about this? I did, okay. We're definitely gonna have to recap. We fucking are. This is not like the main event one that. All right, so the movie is called escape the undertaker. Okay. Not that we undertaker 'cause obviously undertakers are real thing. WWE undertaker. Oh, no. It's a boneyard undertake. Documentary you said, right? No. No. Documentary. Oh no. This is an interactive horror film that stars the undertaker and the new day. The film sees the new day visit the undertaker's mansion, which turns out to be an extreme haunted house packed to the brim with Supernatural challenges. Challenges. You, Joe, you decide the fate of the new day. How do I do it? As the group tries to survive the wrath of the undertaker. It's a choose your own adventure movie. Hey, remember that. Remember that 30 day outlaws that I had for the show? He's out. This is gonna be the funniest thing we ever do. Are you kidding? Right, I can't wait to it'll probably there's one where they all end up dying. Of course. It has to be. Yeah. So do we get to watch each one, I guess? Like how is that good? I don't know how many different options there are, though, you know? Link. But no, there's a few on Netflix like. I feel like we would have to do your idea where we set up a TV and it would have to be like a live react. Yeah, but we can't post that on YouTube. That's the problem. Can't just post their movie on YouTube. Well, I understand. Yeah, you could post us reacting and then just put what scene it is maybe. Like set up maybe. You don't know if it's gonna get flagged or not. Well, you can set up the audio. Maybe. You can see. Because we're or tell or do it until the fans like if you want to watch this along with us, you could start it right now, and then get that. That might actually be cool. Maybe we could try it. But yeah, October. That's gonna be so much fun. Oh my God. There's no trailer yet. There's just like images and the undertaker. He has like, you know, like, like in saw where he has all the monitors. It shows undertaker and he's got all the monitors. It looks like the same ones that Mustafa Ali had when he was like the hacker. Oh, undertaker was the hacker. Her cannon, undertaker hates the new day. Yes. Okay. Well, anyone that comes into his mansion have to die. There's like a picture of the new day trying to grab the urn. There's only like 5 pictures. And then why can't the ends in a twist, the hat comes off and it's Michelle mccool?.

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