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Is pretty excited about it? So I think Alabama is going to be fine. That wanted Clemson too. Clemson. I don't think you Lou Clinton's going to win. I think they're playing Texas. Am and Clemson, okay. They're going to win that game. I think Clemson wins all their game. I think they've got a very very manageable schedule, which is a nice way of saying. They've got a relatively easy schedule. I believe I think they're gonna win all their games. They're going to win the ACC championship. And they're gonna to get in the playoffs and the question. Where are where are they going to be seated? That's that's that's the issue. I have Clemson Clemson will be one. I'll Bama to think if they get both go undefeated. We're we're going to. I think we'll start that way. And it depends on how how those two teams perform. But I think you're probably right and one more question. What do you think about two for this year? I think two is going to be fun now to made some mistakes in the national championship game. He got he got baited into making some stakes in that game. I think he's learned from it. I think we all have the same question. What's to going to be like with Steve Sarkisian as the offensive coordinator? I think two is going to have a big year. I believe this set of Alabama wide receivers. Maybe the best school has ever had just they just they're just incredible just incredible bunch. So I think two is going to have a big year. I think she Harris the running back. I think he's going to have a big year. I think Alabama is it's funny. You talk about a fourteen. In one team in a bounceback mode, which is which could probably only happen in Alabama. But I I think Alabama goes undefeated they play Georgia in the SEC championship game. I think so. All right. Listen, protect you calling. All right. Let's go to Charles in Louisiana. What's up Charles? I'm doing great better than I deserve. They I'm checking the it's the first time call on this show. Okay. And and I wanted to talk to you about LSU how you think you're gonna do this year. I think she's got a chance to have have a special year for a few things fall into place here..

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