Nancy Pelosi, Murder, Kennedys discussed on America's Truckin' Network


How you doing good man joined the show tonight absolutely now i'm just glad to be a member how you're one of our most honorable members now let everybody know that doesn't mean that you don't take your shower at least once a week right well every few weeks i'm getting all kinds of grief what the hell is that damn dirty dozen all about us he knows a bunch of bikers and truckers and deplorables role deplorables listen to this show you know that yeah morals all put together but i tell you what i could talk about tonight i want to start with nancy pelosi what's up was her crumbs policy that's crumbs pelosi nasty is madonna and her sweetheart the judd babe yeah good enough nasty pelosi you know i am tired of her trying to have a how should i say it with the gang members everybody is god's children and okay slice dice kill murder whatever we should be on their side and help and understand and have more understanding of them her her big support for the ms thirteen boys the the gangbangers that are in here murdering innocent american citizens and bring in their drugs and the guns and there were operating a little kitty sex trade etc etc and pelosi and sleazy chuck schumer and the whole motley democrat crew they all stand up for these characters and i'm not saying i'm not trying to jump all around on you but you're gasping talking about kennedy's and i'd see what the kid these don't compare in my opinion to the clinton gang okay the kennedys are bad enough and what they did what ted ted kennedy was probably the worst of the kennedy that's my opinion yeah let me stop about go ahead.

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