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Like every actor would obviously dream yano cap stage with their fellow actors living in in that same space with them but i think that goes to show how hard and alan credible the work is that we do. You know how campuses have imagined all these insane circumstances in the artificial of circumstances so during a pandemic all together and we made his game. I'm really proud of it. And i'm unexcited for everybody else to play his. You know you're obviously no stranger to extremely enthusiastic fan bases with grey's anatomy and now avengers as as an actor like how do you prepare for that. How do you can deal with with that level of fandom. I'm excited to receive it for the video game because you know for grey's anatomy very different. You know it's a lot of young teenage girls in moms. Were eager to see the next episode. You know new senior romance will happen on the show for the gaming community. It's a whole other bag worms Excited already. I've been receiving tweets and messages on instagram. And stuff like that from small spoilers that have been given out you know from from swearing The the war table announcement and all these things So many people have been sharing their excitement with the very little They already have been able to get their hands on. And that's that's been really amazing to see in the clearly. There's a lot of anticipation around this and And the first of many you know what i mean. We k. Bishop been archived. We're going to be more. So i'm excited for for the fans to continue through saying heavy replay value in a longer shelf life for this game. They can continue to have a reason to keep coming back to it. You know it's interesting because obviously you're a veteran now on grey's anatomy if those timelines had been switched. If you were just coming to andrew deluca for the first time now and you had had five or six years playing hawkeye. What's one area of hawkeye that you would like to explore more. What's essential about andrew. That had to be either right from the get-go okay. Let's slow that question down again so coupon so okay by me again. Yeah yeah if your time lights had been switched if you had five or six years to explore hawkeye one area of his character. Would you really enjoy taking a deep dive into and then conversely if this was your first time playing andrew deluca what is essential about his character that needed to be there from your first episode..

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