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The deal. They look. They broke it down. How much day. Ridiculous to one thing. I wish i would've done then. An nfl quarterback if only had the idea to be an nfl no not just in nfl not even an nfl quarterback taken like nfl offense lineman you know what i mean or or like third string because even if you're third string on on team you're still making pretty good money. Yeah i guess the lesson for all the kids listening right now if you're still yeah if you're still listening is Just just play for an nfl team when you grow up. You don't need to worry about anything else. Just grow up and see the reason. I didn't pay for an nfl team finished my football career because it only lasts him. Sophomore is because with the fucking very good at. Oh so okay. So you're basically saying that if you want to be an nfl player you should be fucking good at that. That makes sense like that makes sense that makes sense to me. You should be like you can be top tier in big shot on campus. God i feel like it's fancy cup. So embryos mice coffee right now mice off. Yeah mind grinder. corpora- good at www mind grainger. Coffee dot com tickets. You some and you baby cold group. And you put it into this little fancy cocktail. Glass this ab- rougher like like. I feel like it. I like an old school guy. Drinking bible cures to you clicks years to you. I don't know what about. But that's what i'm doing because i was not in my day. Time was not a fancy fuck in high bald. Like into glass. Ten drinkers know. You were a jug of popoff drinker. I was jag of thunderbird or night train. What like the beer out of the key in from night like fancy high ball. I think i'd get one. I got kicked out of the place. So this makes me feel like. I'm a normal heaven eyeball guy i also. I love that sound of the of the ice in the glass over the mike. Pretty probably podcast. But if you're if you're annoyed with it then you know fuck this far thank you. Yeah so maybe maybe they just have a plane in the background and all the sudden start feeling a feeling. Yeah they're like really like those guys can't talk about nothing. That's what this is like. That's the other thing. I wanna relaxing. I want to talk about. I just remembered because there was annoyed by it the other day. Why or notary commercials for man. Because if you look different than commercials but yoder commercials for women are like. Oh it's free. it's secret it's fresh. She put it on your arm and it's like fresh and simple right and like you look at the odor Mantis i can't miss fifteen fighter in fucking fucking guide. Agai a pilot and it's like old spice for a challenge in life or whatever like for like ticket you why our commercials easy so fucking annoying and they win the needlework yoder and they don't even new rain it's like they put it on the side they don't give the whole fucking the b. o. From side of fucking the gotta do a dainty otherwise it'd be real you can't have shit to realize commercial when i don't wanna see fucking f. Fifteen fighter jet pilot guy. They probably have fucking special pilot. Fucking fifteen theory. It's what i'm saying like for pilots got all kinds of special ship for pilots. I bet it's not old spice that the regular enormous. I wouldn't be surprised if it's all vice donald personal preference.

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