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The first place braves tweet to on the way it high and detour ideal way back this one sale this one is grand slam by marc jacobs a very patient at bat and abrasion hit a grand slam and i'll lead at seven the nothing the top of the dinning six eighty the fan nick more cake is the granny max pre took a shutout into the seventh atlanta beat saint louis eleven four luke weaver surrendered ten runs on eight hits how about the teen that's hot on their heels swinging a shot right back off alaska's he goes to pick it up throws it i left handed and he is hurt he goes down got the out at first but that hit him right on the right arm maybe on the elbow what an unbelievable play to go pick it up left handed and get the out and it ends the inning but velazquez writhing in pain on the ground to the left of the mound sports radio ninety four right hander vince velazquez truck on the floor on by that atom liner in the second he was pulled from the game it's a bruise is x xrays revealed oduber harare went deep allen altarum runscoring double as they best the nats three to two grounded out to third his first at bat he drives gone desmond zukas shot left touch them all time eight fifty koa airman marquez to it ball over eight ian desmond as you just heard goes deep colorado pass los angeles three to one marquez retired the first fifteen batters before key k or an end is connected for a home run off the foul pole leading off the six and ryan anderson hit a two run home run marlins climbed out of last place in the nfl rallying passed the new seller dwellers with a five two win over the mets the mets five wins five in the month of june after that eleven one store their season they have the worst record currently in the national league sunday's world cup uruguay france winners on saturday how about looking ahead as we head the.

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