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It here? I don't have a 44 to you Don't wanna do it. W B A P Sometimes they're really don't like working with you guys. Very much traffic right now. Some time with you. Go ahead. I'll wait. Could be more money. You got time for how to sing this. Okay? Come on. Two traffic this morning about the closure on 75 North found 75 shut down in Limine Avenue because of the wreck that's still Solid all the way back into downtown. Heavy back on I 45 which is slow on the 1 75 south bound traffic on 75 still shut down and knocks Henderson for police activity that's still heavy beyond Northwest Highway. Also got the 1 75 North pennant Arapaho in the right lane. A new one in Carrollton on I 35 North Bend of Frankfurt. 1 14. He spent a business 1, 14 and Roanoke That crash still summon you back to I 35 w 35 w South out of Western Center Boulevard. A new rig WB AP First Traffic on the ones I'm Monte Cook brought to you by your North Texas dealer association. Cars, trucks, SUVs cutting technology, He can drive. Get behind the wheel and get under the hood with a career in automotive technology. Go to N t x com to find out how you can live your passions. A career as an automotive tak. Brad Martin in the W B A P Weather Center. Sunny to partly cloudy and Nice day I 60 to 62 lows tonight around 41 like south winds Tomorrow, south winds will drive our temperature up to 69 degrees,.

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