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I'm not a little disturb as a little weird. It was. It's called content seeing that's all that. Well, yeah, I am well, not therapy have moved past. I've moved past that. I don't know if she has, but I've moved past that. All right. Yeah, something like that. I had somebody say to me the other day apps like water over the bridge and I go, no, I don't. I don't think that's how it goes. Yeah, yeah. Water over the bridge. No. Over the dam under the bridge? Yes. Mclovin over troubled water bridge can. Yes, it can. Yes, yeah. And over the River Kwai to the bridge over the River Kwai remember that mclovin. Oh, sure. Do of course, Guinness. Yeah. Was Bill Pullman in that movie? Rob in Michigan joins us. Hi, rob. What do you have for me. Hey, guys, five done. One eighty. I wanted to call in about the Bill Pullman thing. All right. I'll be honest. I'm a big movie buff, but I had to Google him. Okay. And I can't believe you're not a fit just based on the speech. He gave an independence day alone. You gotta give him some love for that, and I wanna know police ever been told that he looks like Woody Harrelson, but all right, I'll listen to guard. Thank you, Ron police. The problem with Bill Pullman, have you been told you look like what? Harrelson? Probably half a dozen times and then you want him to tell you look like Jason state. I've never been, but you you. I've told myself that you're like, mclovin new goes. Yeah, you know, I've been told I look like Clive. Oh, I just completely made that up actually..

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