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Sound delightful and everything at auburn which we've already covered in excruciating detail on the other hand james franklin auditioning for the job. Can i ask a completely a question. Only tangentially related to football. That sounds really out of character on this show. Are any of you familiar with the tailgating and server this includes you the tailgating game known as stump no no learned about it in discord this week right this is zone stump s. t. u. mp no. I'm gonna try to explain it. Best i can. Is this like stump in the kronenbourg crash since or know. Why are you looking at me like that. That is i think that is the buffalo bills tailgate. So this this is how it is was explained to me by somebody else. You put a nail or multiple nails partway into a stump. And you try to hammer them in by flipping a hammer in the air catching it by the handle and swinging all in one motion and this is also a drinking game in some way shape tree. That's what i think when. I'm throwing hammers. A lumber field is my first quarter. I am told that. Penn state penn state fans bring their own stumps and look to play this game. Honey shift the cooler. Over the fact i got a load up. The best part is i asked some other people about this and the only person i knew who who said that they had heard of this. Was seth rosenthal who went to skidmore and was just like yeah. We were just bored in the woods a lot. So i like auburn in town bringing that yellow lumber putting putting the high quality pennsylvania's truly our greatest state. Come.

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