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And Ted. Indeed, stocks were really tumbling here at the open this morning and we've got the Dow already down 315 points, 26,223. The S and P is lower by 33 points at 30 to 20 for the NASDAQ is down 88 at 10,450 to these air declines of at least 1% or in the case of the S and P and the Dow a little bit more as investors dig into this latest report on GDP in the second quarter, the report shows. The economy shrank at an almost 33% annualized rate, and that is the most on record amid the pandemic, going back to the 19 forties. Initial jobless claims They came in, and another 1.4 million Americans just a little bit more than that, actually seeking their first time benefits last week. I'm Gina Servitia Bloomberg for News Radio, 600 KOGO. Thanks. Gina, The man at the center of a controversial arrest by La Mesa Police has found a lawsuit against the city of La Mesa, and the officers involved 23 year old Omari Johnson suit. Claims arrest without probable cause negligence, excessive force and violence because of race. His lawsuit names officers Matt Vegas and six John Doe's Johnson was arrested for smoking in public at the Grossmont Trolley Center and officer Davis was caught on camera, pushing him down onto a bench after an internal investigation. All charges were dropped against Johnson. Dr Anthony found, she says, Don't think about getting infected with the Corona virus. Mike Bauer has more getting infected is not a trivial issue because we don't know what the long term consequences off. She says that the hard hit South and West states like Florida, Texas, Arizona and California look like they may be cresting and coming back down. But he added states like Ohio, Tennessee, Indiana and Kentucky or seeing a subtle but worrisome uptick in positivity rates that suggests they may be getting into the same sort of trouble. A fire sign. You've got to be really careful, he said. Mike Bauer, NBC NEWS Radio. Congress remains at a standstill over negotiations for Phase four Corona virus stimulus package not just between Republicans and Democrats, but also within Senate Republicans. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell addresses that division. I do have.

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