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I. Guess what the law tape, but nobody really knew. Is that for some reason? There is a video production crew following sting around that day, and doing interviews with him and I just follow him around. And, so, they have this like fifteen minute video. Of staying behind the scenes and getting ready, and and and and doing everything and then they played the full match which you know. I didn't watch all the full match, but. I thought it was. I thought it was fun. You know I. Mean it just an interesting thing. If you're sitting around, you have fifteen minutes to kill I would put it on. You, know I it's a good. Time capsule because there is this weird vibe about where now like like you watch. The the honor the last ride. Or even listen to the undertaker's interview with. Pretty Peter Rosenberg that he did for cheap, which was fantastic. But you'd I mean there is no semblance of cave whatsoever. There is no semblance of good guys are friends with good guys bags? Friendship bag is yeah on a real person, but there's a piece in the character, and then I mean none. It's just I'm mark, and here are my stories about wrestling. In this piece because it was still nineteen, ninety five. Is still even though it's, it's not K. Fade. There is still this little aura of K. fehb as you watch like. There are interactions with macho man sting, which are real life interactions, but. Still feel like too good guy, wrestlers, being good guy, wrestlers and same thing. There's one with Gaza before. He was buff. Marcus Alexander, Bagwell? Is was American males Marcus Bagwell, you 'cause. frosted tips or whatever's going on with his hair, but Marcus Bagwell and sting interacting. And it was a little. It was a little and I just thought that was interesting because it's really. It's a sign of the Times. Is a sign of of where we were in one thousand five, but. Following around sting backstage at a WCW showing ninety five fascinating. If you're a wrestling Geek, just because there really isn't much of that footage. You know nineteen. ninety-five is right before the. Internet really really hit. So that's kind of the end. That's why I like Bret. Hart's book so much is because so many of the stories from the early nineties are not as well known because. I mean. Yeah. You had the observer. You had CW torch. But it wasn't like every single thing that happened in wrestling was being reported on on site immediately, so a lot of these stories, either never got reported or just got lost, and certainly didn't have footage. And photos and all this stuff of what was going on behind the scenes certainly didn't have footage of. Sting in a locker room. Talking Macho Man Randy savage about going to the gym. Macho man, you know not really doing the voice kind of still doing the voice, but not really doing the voice. is a clip of sting sitting down and doing the WCW hotline with Mark Madden and Mike, Today and a whole bunch of stuff, but it just really fun, you know. Looking I just had a real real sneak peek at the behind the scenes of WCW. Nineteen ninety-five gestures they were about to pick up I mean macho man. was there Hogan was not in the piece, but Hogan was there by then. I don't know if he was at that. Pay Per view or not but. That was months before. NITRO started. So you're really looking at WCW, jest as they started to pick up because you know. A lot of people who didn't live through WCW. Don't remember the WCW was not. Always just let's burst onto the scene and compete. You know WCW did not. Compete. Until Nineteen, ninety-five with Nitro, and really were serious competition where they were beating wwe. Until Ninety six, when Scott Hall showed up, and the N. W. O. started. so we're looking at WCW as they transfer from this sort of TNA like group where they're in a national promotion, but they weren't making any money, and and you know they certainly I I I I. Guess they were secondary in American wrestling, but I mean way down from wwe. Into, what will become such a powerhouse that they would actually beat wwe on some levels for a period of time so interesting thing to watch, and if you're wrestling Geek, and you've got fifteen minutes to kill it's I loved it that stuff exists. That's why wwe network should exist for footage like that I think it's awesome, so we're GonNa talk about in your house takeover in a minute, but first I. Oh, yeah, and they do interviews to do interviews with like. Vader and Brian Perelman you see Bobby Heenan. There's one little shot at the end of the end of the thing. Where sting is going is thing is leaving from his match with Bubba and mean gene is obviously done for the night. And you see him in like a t shirt and regular pants, not like suit pants as he's leaving because he got out of the next town or whatever and it just so. Amazing seeing mean Jean in regular street clothes, saying see later sting and you're like. Oh my God like when you ever see me. Gene quote, unquote out of character out of Gimmick. Even when he wasn't wearing a suit. He'd be dressed in some goofy outfit like the bush-whackers. Prime time wrestling. You know in some broadcast. Quality wouldn't be wearing like an old t-shirt rated jump into his car and drive to another town. That's for sure. So awesome and yeah, and like yeah, yeah, and you see like. Brian Perelman. Invader in those guys are doing interviews about staying, and they're all just talking about how great ideas! And you're like okay, they're. They're putting over the company guy. This isn't actually. This isn't actually fully behind the scenes, but it's still super interesting, and it's super interesting to watch it like Brian. PULLMAN invader and those guys out of character..

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