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Nbr 1045 and 6 80, these sports leader. This one doesn't even okay, Mark, will it? Shall we continue into the end of our week? The start of our weekend. Hope you're enjoying it before you get there. Don't forget to check out some things that happened earlier today. I can be our that were quite know worthy. Let's start with the latest on the 40. Niners in the midst of Robert, solemn moving on. What does it mean? Guy Matty Naoko, stopping by with Murphy back this morning on these force leader Matt Naoko was breaking a lot of news. Who's gonna go with Robert Sallah? What layers of all the free agents for the $4 could go? A swell the draft. Big compensation All those things that surround Robert solid bone of the Jets at Mayo Co. NBCs, make sure you're following when reading is great stuff. NBC Sports bear Any joins us, courtesy of the human guests on Hey, Maddie, How are you? I'm doing good and my the gas. There's there's Schefter mean teeth. That's how he went on and on and on and on and on. And on a mountain just like yeah. What Schefter said. All right. Good night, everybody. He's the rumor monger or you have details. Give me more meat on the bone. We know it's five years. Do we know How much money he's going to make for Annam. And are they gonna introduce him as the head coach of the Jets today or what's the schedule? Have you heard anything on these types? Don't know, E I don't know what the jet plan is. Obviously, Urban Meyer just had his press conference. With Jacksonville, so I would think that that thing will be done as I think the I think the Jets announced last night that it was an agreement in principle, which means that your pen hasn't officially hit paper. So I think once that becomes a done deal where you know the ink is dry, then by move forward with Um, a press conference of some sword. It is Friday News dumped Dave so maybe they want What? Hold off on that until Monday, But I would I would think that they would be in pretty short order. But, yeah, Robert saw for everything that I've heard in. You look at the track record and how they've drafted, I think It seems like Joe Douglas is very competent at his job. He's the general manager of the Jets and everything I've heard about him. He's a straight shooter. Good guy to work with. And so I think that was kind of the issue that you had to look at. Like, who would Robert Sauna want to work with? And I don't think they had much or any kind of report before this, but It certainly sounds like and we knew this would happen that if Robert saw it gets in a room with somebody there's going to be a connection there, and he's such a good guy in such you'll thoughtful, detailed. Uh, hey, just he doesn't leave any stone unturned. So I'm sure when there is a press conference when Joe Douglas and Jets management or ownership talked about this I congratulate Inti you one of the things they'll say is that they were just blown away by the level of detail. I mean, I would I know that Robert Solid goes into those interviews you know with here's what we're going to do here is the blueprint on on whatever. On April 27th at 9 P.m.. We will be doing this like he has. You'll have like walk throughs scheduled for just the coach's as as they put together their schemes so that the coaches are all on the same page and they go through the same things that the players will be asked to go through later when they get on the field, So I mean, it's just He's a good situation for him, and I think the Jets made a really good higher. Miyoko giving us the details. Robert Stahl is gonna be the head coach of the New York Jets. We could get into the details in terms of what coaches air possibly gonna go wear. But here's what scares me. The Jets have a ton of cap space and I'm looking at the roster. And to me, it's what if it's not the least talented than this darn close. But they don't have a lot of defensive backs. I know that Kay Juan Williams went to high school in New Jersey and it's from that area It's about he's about 20 minutes away from where the Jets play, so that scares me. Jason Brett, that scares me. They don't have a full back on the roster. Juices of free agent that scares me. They can out of it. The 40 Niners for about anybody they want. He's going to run the same offense and same defense. So who could possibly leave with Robert? Solid from a player's standpoint? Well, it's that's funny that you should ask, because I'm I just sat down to do a piece on some $40 players who could be going to the Jets and the number one guy. The list is K. Juan Williams. Uh, Robert solemn, loves Kay Juan Williams, and that is such a specialty position. Not everybody conducive to it, and a lot of people who do do it. Don't do it very well. And there is this connection that's Allah has with Kay Juan Williams early. She feels it that Kiwanis So on point with his preparation of the way that he studies in place, fast and kind of opens things up for the rest of the secondary, because nobody has to worry about where K a lot away and there's gonna be. He's exactly where he's supposed to be. He can take some chances. They do do some things with him Blessing off off the edge there off the slot. So to me, he's that he's the guy because it's you that position it. It's not a It's not a big money position, but All right. The Jets Congar. Oh, it as far as they want to go to bring him in. And to me that that he just the number one guy, um for them to go out and and target And you know, some of the other guys like a guy like Carrie Haider. Other guys defensive backs. I think they're pretty good. At safety. The Jets are, um if they can, you know, but potentially Jakubowski tard. Um, it wouldn't shock me to see them. Bring in Sherman. Go after Barrett. Who would it surprise me to see them? You know, dear, they come a low level deal toe. Kelly Weatherspoon, see if he can Take advantage of an opportunity. Um Let me out that the thing you mentioned about youse check that. That's also interesting. Um, now the 40 hours will be retaining Mike McDaniel. And so that's that's a big key. Far is used. Check goes because you know Tuesdays. You know, they would a lot of times make the annual would give Kyle you second call in the evening and say, you know you will. You know that. I can't wait until tomorrow. When you walk in and see our installation. I have to tell you about what I got cooking up. This week in the game plan that you're gonna love it. And so there's a There's a trust their little tile use check loves the creativity that like McDaniel brings to the running game. So you know, I think the four years or are going to make every attempt obviously to re sign title used check. And I think the fact that make Daniel more than likely will be staying with the pretty Niners is a very good starting point for the 40. Niners retaining use Jack All right, man. Thanks is always have a great weekend. We'll talk too soon. Okay. So you think that's okay from the 40 Niners? Let's get to the Warriors. No better place to do that than to hang out a little bit with their head coach Steve Kerr with T K B today..

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