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The Titans are starting to get healthier again. Those guys who were on the cove it positive list. Are coming off of that list, and I just have not sold on the Texans. I know they won the first game with Romeo Cornell, but I am not sold on this offense being very explosive. I'm not sold on the ability of the wide receivers to get open. Consistently. DeAndre Hopkins used to eat the Titans alive. I like the Titans getting back Adam Humphreys. I think that that he is going to make a big difference on third down catches. There are a lot of people rotating back on hopeful that Jeffrey Simmons may be able to play hopeful that Corey Davis may be able to play. We won't really know until Sunday, Corey Davis Big wide receiver for the Titans, Jeffrey Simmons, a big part of that defensive line, the young second year defensive tackle. I think the Titans come and win big and I think they put away the Texans and win by double digits to set up. Ah, huge game against the Steelers next week, But I think the Titans cover the three. This line is too low. I think the Titans have been undervalued and we saw what the ceiling is for the Titans with their game against the bills. I think this team feels like they have been insulted by the way that people responded to their positive test. I think they come back and make some big time plays. I like the Titans minus three home again in Nashville. That positive is they don't have to travel after the Tuesday night game, they had a bunch of days to rest before that Tuesday night game. I think they still have some gas in the tank, and I think they get it done against the Texans. So this is one I'm gonna have to disagree with. And my reasoning is, it seems too good to be true. Was in my book. I mean, I feel like this should be more like four or five or maybe even six. Yancey being favored. So when I see something like this, I get nervous because when something seems too good to be true, oftentimes It is too good to be true, Jo. So for that reason alone, I'm gonna have to fade in your hometown team and go with Houston. Plus the three points here. Alright, These next two are Monday night games and I'm going to continue to play the over train here. The Chiefs on the road against the bills. Neither one of these teams had good games on their most recent outing. The Bills obviously were not good against the Titans. The chiefs were not good at all against the Raiders. I think the Chiefs and the bills both get things back rolling in a good direction. I think both of the offenses performed better than they did most recently looked this bills defense. Has really kind of falling apart for a long time. The bills defense was carrying this team. Now they're back to somewhat of ah, sort of a normal defense in the NFL. They've given up a lot of points. I think Josh Allen rebounds from a double interception game against the Titans. I think the chief's do a better job blocking for Patrick Mahomes, but I think both teams are going to have some offensive success. I am hitting The over 58 in the chief's bills Monday night game by the way, not even Monday night. I think this is like a five in the afternoon kickoff on Monday, and I'm not complaining. I'm loving having these double dips on Monday night, so that is a okay with me. I agree with this pick your right about Buffalo's defense. It used to be the strength of this team for the past 34 season and and now I mean, it's a pretty significant weakness. I'd say they're one of the worst defence is statistically so far this season in the league in Kansas City coming off a loss, you know, and you gotta think that they're going to be pretty sharp on offense and Buffalo coming off a loss as well. Their offense didn't look good against Tennessee..

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