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In the Black Sea when it was 90°, so yeah. Well, and we mentioned that this is part of the EU at this time, but it is not on the Euro. It's still on the left, as I recall. That's right. Well, anything else we want to say about cloud dev, we need to start wrapping this up. We haven't said anything about the food. Okay. Throughout the country, you can count on really good a Mediterranean Greek influence. So there are great shopska salads. So everywhere you can go you can get a great salad that's tomatoes cut up cucumbers with feta cheese over them that was amazing. No olives? No, very few olives. I don't interest it. Lots of feta cheese, lots of feta cheese. When we went into a grocery store and what would be the equivalent of our whole daily case here at home was all different types of feta. Well, I didn't know there were that many different types of either, but everything's better with feta. Yeah. And the other thing is the soup, which was called territory, which is a cold cucumber soup. Truly delicious too. And then there's a lot of meats. Sausages, cut meats, good seafood. There's good seafood everywhere. We had tripe soup as well. Tripe soup is very popular. It's maybe a national dish. And we didn't say much about this, but there are orthodox churches everywhere. So that's a big part of what you see in their beautiful, their grand, if you're someone who appreciates church architecture, they're worth seeing excellent. As we go to wrap this up, you are standing at the prettiest spot that you saw in Bulgaria. Where are you standing? What are you looking at? Well, I guess I would have to say looking out across plovdiv from that Roman theater. Patty, different answer. Another part of our trip we were in the open mountains. Okay. And we got to stay up in the Adobe mountains in a cabin and it was beautiful. Okay. Excellent. And one thing that makes you laugh and say, only in Bulgaria. There's water everywhere. Water spigots everywhere. And it's good water. So in the city of Sofia, there's these hot thermal water public water fountains that people go and collect water from day in and day out. They run 24 hours a day. And in the countryside, we didn't figure this out until we got to talk to someone who knew there were picnic areas around springs coming out of the side of the mountain. Somebody had tapped a spring and there was a spigot coming out with water running. Again, 24 hours a day. And we found out it's a wonderful tradition of when someone dies in a family who is important to people. They tap a spring and build a little picnic area there and maybe the equivalent of like an eternal flame for us. The thought of the water running forever in honor of that person. Interesting. People who live in the cities will go far out into the mountains to find a place where there isn't one of these spigots, and they'll build one there. Yeah. And then they'll maintain it. And their family will maintain it. And so some of them were very elaborate. We passed one that had a table that had a cloth on it, and someone told us, yes, somebody comes in replaces that cloth about once a month. Interesting. And if you had to summarize Bulgaria in just three words, what three words would you use? Friendly? Surprising and historic. Patty. Friendly, orthodox churches, as one word. And a deep history that I was completely unaware of before I got there..

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