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I'm John trout. This is America in the morning. President Trump visits Alabama today to get a firsthand look at the damage done by Sunday's fatal tornadoes. John Lawrence has the latest on the hard hit region. Alabama Senator Doug Jones says the tornadoes that destroyed part of his state can't hurt. The will of the people who live. They're not gonna let us get a state. No matter how bad no matter. How tragic we are. We are a resilient. We will rebound we will rebuild the national weather service confirmed Thursday, the twelve tornadoes struck Alabama on Sunday flattening trees and reducing structures to rebel state and local officials say a lot of progress has been made over the past few days. We're so glad that the federal government is here partying with the state to allow local execution of disaster response and recovery at now until long term recovery activities to get. The county to a better tomorrow. But more trouble may be lurking on the horizon. Forecasters say more severe weather could be coming this weekend, including to central Alabama. Sean Wilson says Lee county residents will move forward by helping each other area is just a rural loving community. And I'm just carrying on faith that it'll keep a strong will hold together. And we'll make it through. I'm John Lawrence reporting. It's twenty two till the verdict forty seven months in prison. Former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort learning his fate inside of a federal courtroom yesterday. Reid Binion reports. All Manafort was since to just under four years in prison Thursday for convictions brought on by special counsel, Robert Mueller's Russia investigation, Mr. Manafort, finally got to speak for himself. Can make clearly accepts responsibility for his conduct. Manafort was convicted of eight counts, including five counts of tax fraud failure to report for assets and defrauding banks. Trump's former campaign chair was facing up to twenty five years in prison sentence that could have kept him in jail for the rest of his life as he entered the courtroom in a wheelchair and wearing a green prison jumpsuit manafort's said to the judge the last two years have been the most difficult years for my family and die humiliated and ashamed would be a gross understatement. Manafort will receive a second sentence next week it a separate case over witness tampering and conspiracy charges. He pleaded guilty to last year. I'm Reid Binion reporting. It's twenty one till the head of the house intelligence committee says Michael Cohen's lengthy testimony was enormously productive. But new reports are prompting scrutiny of Cohen's remarks. Joe Johns explains. New questions about Michael Collins congressional testimony coming after a second closed-door hearing before the house intelligence committee. I believe they're here to cooperate. And we'll continue to cooperate the Washington Post reporting that Cohen told the committee he discussed a pardon with President Trump's lawyers Jay seculow and Rudy Giuliani. But the details of that conversation remain unclear secular flatly denying that the discussion occurred citing Cohen's current lawyer Lanny Davis, the Wall Street Journal reports that after the FBI raided Cohen's properties last year he directed. His attorney to explore possibilities of a pardon with Giuliani, and the president's other lawyers both reports raising questions about whether Cohen misled congress in public testimony last week. I have never asked for nor would I accept a pardon from President Trump. Lanny Davis insisting that his comment does not contradict Cohen's testimony saying Cohen, directed his. Attorney to discuss a pardon with Mr. Trump's attorneys when they were in a joint defense agreement. Davis claims that Cohen was referring to the period after the collapse of that agreement during last week's testimony. Multiple sources tell CNN that Cohen also provided the committee with documents showing edits to the false written statement, he delivered a congress and 2017 about the timing of negotiations over the Trump Tower Moscow project last week Cohen testified that Mr. Trump's lawyer may changes to the statement. There were several changes that would made including how we were going to handle that message. Mislead was will you finish? Yes. The message, of course, being the length of time that the Trump Tower Moscow project state and remained alive. Davis tells CNN that Cohen altered the line lying about wind discussions of the project ended. But a key question remains whether any of the lawyers who signed off on the statement knew it was false show. John's reporting eighteen till the US claims that wall weighs technology is a threat to national security. But wow way is fighting back in a lawsuit against the US government. Cherise fan was looking for answers at Weiwei's headquarters in China while we wanted today in court while we suing the United States government challenging a law that specifically names alway and dance federal agencies from buying its products while we deputy chairman walk ping saying that the law known as NDA unfairly targets hallway for punishment without trial in acting the congress acts kids custody. Futian as Josh jury and executioner this is the most aggressive push back that we have seen from far away defending itself against the US led campaign against the company. Washington has long been suspicious of his ties to the Chinese government worried that they could use its products to spy on other nations while we has repeatedly maintained that it is a private company independent of the Chinese government and says that none of its products pose any kind of a national security risk. But the Chinese company has maintained a low key profile four years executives rarely speaking to media on the record. But we had a lengthy press conference in English with executives and board members and high profile outside lawyers all coming out to say this US law is unfair and unconstitutional. Analysts say this lawsuit is unlikely to gain far away anymore. US market share in could make a difference on the global stage in places like Canada and. Germany and the UK where officials are debating restricting while way equipments spam Shenzhen sixteen before the hour. A federal judge in California says adding the citizenship question to the census is illegal. Jim Rupe has more the moment? The US Commerce Department announced it was adding the citizenship question to the twenty twenty s California sued state attorney general hobby, Sarah, if you're not counted, then you don't count. Any California everyone should count California at sixteen other states have sued to block the question last month. US judge Jesse Furman in New York ruled to block the questions citing the decision to add it violated several administrative procedure requirements, what is different in the ruling of US. Judge Richard Seaborg in San Francisco is that unlike Furman Seaborg says the rule addition, violates the constitution, the US constitution requires a population count every ten years Seaborg says the question violates the enumeration clause better known as the census clause article one of the constitution, which reads representatives shall be apportioned among several states according to their respective number. They failed to consider the consequences of scary. People into not filling out the census form Seaborg agrees with Sarah in the question will scare those in the country illegally from filling out the forms and California has the most to lose from an undercount. It could cost the state billions of dollars in federal funding and possibly a congressional seat. California has the most representatives with fifty three. The judge also says he's not buying the government's argument that the question helps to better enforce the Voting Rights Act of nineteen sixty five the Commerce Department saying protecting voting rights was the pretext to adding the question Seaborg suggests it wasn't. Hey, how do we better protect voting rights and the answer is the citizenship question. It was more. Like, we're adding the citizenship question. Now, someone come up with a reason that people will buy California's secretary of state, Alex Padilla, California counts immigrants. And in the twenty twenty centers. We will make sure immigrants are counted. The US supreme court says it will consider the question. Jim Roope, Los Angeles, fourteen till coming up health benefits from the five minute workout that on America in the morning after.

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