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This is twenty. Four seven news, on KOMO, news I'm Michael Preston a. Brother his mother and his brothers fiancee all charged in the murder of a teen appear in court with the father of the teen also in court in inch to. Stare down the accused komo's Jennifer. Sullivan has more, sixteen-year-old Benito, Martinez his brother's. Fiancee Emma Brown and his mother Kendra rose Adamson charged with playing a role in the murder, of the sixteen year. Old boy just a month ago Ben Eastman grew, up in the town, of Randall a Miami Dolphins. Fan a brother, and a son but last month prosecutors say he was lured by. His friends on a camping, trip she was never seen again Eastman's father has one word. To, describe the, four facing, charges cowards Know Another probably safer or they're at Jonathan Adamson and his brother Benito Marquez were charged with multiple, counts including first, degree murder and. Rape the men that allegedly buried Eastman's body on their family property prosecutors say they later moved the remains Marquez appeared in court for a Raymond on the four, counts his brother pleaded not guilty last week Marquez to the information charging you with murder in the first, degree what is your plea Adamson's fiancee Emma Brown also appeared for arraignment on. Rendering criminal assistance she also, pleaded not guilty let's komo's Jennifer Sullivan Marquez and Adamson's mother also pleaded not guilty to charges, of rendering criminal, assistance the elderly. Couple who helped their two sons run from the law after the two thousand sixteen murders of an also couple pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of obstruction of, a police officer eighty-three-year-old CLYDE Reed and his seventy eight year old wife Fay gave. Their please just county, judge need a ferris John Reid was sentenced. To life, for the murders of Patrick Shannon Monique Pat node his. Brother Tony admitted to helping. Him and took, a fourteen month plea deal their parents face up to a year in jail in. Two years of probation task force taking a closer look at a. Number of recent wildfires in Mason county has exchanged notes for the first time as firefighters braced for rising temperatures this weekend after a few days of clouds and some drizzle even though we get a little bit. Of moisture here today It's not. Helping and so yeah it's very concerning to us and we're not even August yet investigators. Aren't saying how many fires they believe are suspicious but are asking, anyone who sees, anything that isn't right to give them a call a brush fire burning in..

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