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Hey everybody I'm deep Kurt with lakes reality and the broker record here in operating managers and I'm real sales representative year lacy really one of the things that we Wanted to do and we've wanted to do is when we created this business we want to think differently and thinking differently to me is having things like podcast having things like a TV show. and things like that but but now we put a little bit of work into some of the fun stuff that we want to do around podcasting and filming and thus we're on the Mike today Louis overcome subjects here where do you WanNa start on yeah I think one of the things just to introduce you guys to what we're going to be up to we want to be tapping on three three or so subject matters that are relevant whether getting questions from online or where we're getting question just from knowing what the marketplaces like right now and today we've got a few different choices head on so we want to kick off were were our goal is to this has been a big year for mobile offers there is very little on the market been saying this for basically all year especially the spraying Mario Super Hot but even now last week for offers and both were over Aston gets go above and beyond and quite a bit more than what they're expecting and these these are all if you WanNa get a house I remember doing like I sent an email last week to some of my clients and just kind of reflecting the seven-week stats and it was over forty eight sales twenty-five went in at least list brace for over which was just amazing number to be looking at basically what I feel is one of the marketplace in about stuff there's tons and tons and tons of buyers sitting on the sidelines now they're sitting in waiting they're waiting for that perfect ideal House that they see on HDTV to pop up and it comes out and it hits seventy check boxes over ten they're jumping on but if it doesn't if it's okay and doesn't have that extra bathroom did did it and sometimes you get those I don't know why it is but some clients are or the buyers are waiting a little bit too long making the it's it's interesting and where do you think do you think like we're almost had snow there this morning waited you're a little bit older paid for this house it might not be obeying because it's what the market predicts bite instill I was like a little bit more than what I liked you see you pay to this and at the end of the day like if you're going to be if you're paying for features that you're extremely happy to have in house go forward and tell you about stats bullet with icy this point from adores sense and the other thing that bothered me separated is just the reality of life appears we have about what is it twenty eight hundred sales a year we just don't have the volunteer Toronto's saying there's a certain awfully sellers it's other kinds plague earlier even though listening has been sitting on the market some people aren't willing to C._B._S. and until tomorrow guys.

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