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Calendar snuggle up in your ugly, holiday sweater and taste of beautiful Chicago hot is good copy copies revolution. By just curious. Again, not my style. I'm not that doesn't mean. It's people will people will probably love it. But. Beers are made in Chicago like made slow made the difficult way. And then years to blend we're going to do a couple of minutes after after we moved to the WWE room where he did do a couple of minutes on Facebook live to wrap things up, but John Carruthers you can follow him at UT Chicago on Twitter, Jessie, Valenciana, just men BQ on Twitter goose island revolution. We talked about. Half of ice Heff advice. And we talked about cream ales. And we talked about lyrics. So we will that'll all be posted on Facebook. And we'll go Facebook live for a couple of minutes after to start wrapping things up. Let me take quick break. When we come back Kerry is here, and I'm very excited about the the book that you were going to be talking about on your show. So we will we will tell you all about that in just a minute Jeanne had. All right. Thanks, do John Carruthers and Jesse Valenciana and John's brother Sam, we will do a little Facebook live on the other side. But after the news Karen Conti is coming up. Hello, karen. I spontaneously fermenting right here. I could see that look more yeasty. You look a little more a tart sour than normal. And it maybe it's anticipation of this this author that you're going to be talking about because I saw your T's Facebook. What are you? You're talking about evil evil it. It's a great book written by two authors who are very his psychiatrist. And he's the other one's a doctor and they rate evil. So they rate the the acts of people who commit murder, but they do it in a way that deals with the morality. So who's worse? The person who suits out the school for a cause or the person who gets pleasure out of killing people for other reasons. So it's going to be very interesting. We're gonna talk about the we have some sound bytes from the various serial killers and mass killers. And then we're going to talk about them, and why they might be more culpable or more evil than others that sound it sounds fascinating. Interested in that stuff? Fascinated by we are drawn to the dark side scared. Very scary. People people are glued to that the timing Walberg series, as you know, they're they're doing I lean more mourners and people are just really watching and you've been up close and personal with evil with gays. Taiwa across the table from someone like that has got to be a life altering experience. But it isn't because he's so normal when you're talking to him and that which got to make it more scary because but then you understand how he got away with it. Because if he were a scary as he really is he would have only done one murder. Know you've been caught. So so evil comes in all different shapes and sizes and people walk in a very moral world. And then they go off into these immoral things in there for the people who say evil does not exist. Oh, it it does. You'll learn a lot about it on Karen show. Always a pleasure pleasure later. Karen county on the other side of the news. So let's get to that news. Thanks for listening and be a part of the program. We'll be back next Sunday. I sometime after the socks who knows here. Everyone's favourite weatherman. Tom skilling weekday afternoons at four on the road concert with ended Avantis seven twenty WGN. Chicago smart speaker users say play WGN radio on tune in the machine will take over your life. The news is sponsored by Lindemann chimney and fireplace little after seven o'clock, but he's very patient theory is Roger badesch. Welcome to after me recording. That is the piano genius of Bob mandate. One of four guests who will be this entire first hour because we have reached a. Interesting. Mark in the road of the adventure. That is the resurrection of mister Kelly's David Marianne found my old friend from high school actually five years ago sat down with me the Ricardo's ham thinking of doing something to say like this. We weren't bloated thinking about resurrecting. What was my uncle? And father's nightclubs. Those nightclubs being mister Kelly's the happy medium and the London house, David, I'm doing great. Part of this whole journey. That's been don't blame me for this. Don't blame me for this is getting. After high school has no it has been fun. And I've been been so great. And why I've been fascinated with is ration-. I'm fascinated with the journey is. I'm sure Bob Mamat is who's sitting to your right? And Denise Thomas, fellow one of the legendary songbird a bad word is at a sexist word. I love I love the phrase sexist. I'll try to stop saying and the newest member of the mister Kelly's adventure cave wings, who is a. What are we don't solvable member? Second city. What do you call it? I am on a member of the people. Okay. David. There's a big event on Sunday the twenty four it is sold out for the meal portion of it. But it is really to my mind. The final part of the resurrection of mister Kelly's because taking place. On the very ground the hallowed ground where Mr. Kelly's sat which is. Now Gibson steakhouse. How did this come to be David you've been working on a documentary? You've been doing on the documentary now for five years we have over one hundred interviews curbing celebrities. We just got back minute. Lily Tomlin, the smothers brothers. Bob, Newhart Cecchi green. Lady Kazan, and as well as so many local people that have just been so much generous with the the one thing about it. And you can you can all get in this case, your vastly younger than any of us in the room, except maybe Bob, but the thing that has always amazed me about it is the affection that people feel for mister Kelly's mister Kelly's closed in nineteen seventy five sort of five ish, the mazing the people that are coming out of the woodwork that loved Kelly's that met their husband their that saw Barbara Streisand. We know when she first came onto the scene that covered Richard Pryor on their prom night. You could imagine. That new my father. What did you do for your from west? I'll very interesting African American comic. Where did Billy take you took you wear? Bob, you and Denise have a real ninety both for very long time. A real affinity four and affection for the era that is evoked by the resurrection of mister Kelly's in this. This CD were just playing his is his title one denounce. That's right. That's right. So many great cannisters came out of the London house, and that, of course, also mister Kelly's I mean, these got Oscar Peterson Bill Evans, you know. And then our own Ramsey Lewis, Chicago's on Angelo. So I mean, these weren't just jazz greats of the era. There's jazz greats of all time. Well, the the acts that performed at Kelly's the London house not so much the happy medium defined a couple of decades of entertainment in the United States. Well, they really introduced all the stars of the of the twentieth century and right at the corner of where gives us now. And I do want to make sure remember to thank Steve Lombardo and Gibson's Steve bardo. Sponsoring this this dinner show that we're going to do which is good clued portions from the original mister Kelly's menu. It's going to include the green got a salad candy crunch cake. And.

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