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We've seen a few teams in the recent recent. NFL seasons a you do the unthinkable and go winless but let's be honest. It's just something that doesn't happen really that often. I mean the fact that it's happened twice. I guess in the last decade or so is sort of a lightning doesn't ever strike twice kind of situation when you think about how old the NFL is and we'll start with. I guess this week's game the Lamar Jackson coming out party a that led to as reported multiple multiple players in in the locker room after the game reaching out to their agent looking to get out of Miami as fast as possible but t teams just don't go in sixteen sixteen is bad as teams are this is the nfl they still have professional players and they're going to be able to pull at least one win out and the Games that you can look at our the games inside of their own division the Games inside of their own division not against the Patriots right that despite the fact that they are wildly wildly successful against the Patriots at home in recent years the games against the bills and against the jets or the four you can circle where you're going to get a win out out of one of those two. I looked at the access curious about this when you put this topic. Ford and I looked over sports book for what the line was and Dan Pravada has the dolphins minus plus nineteen and a half this week nine and a half for nine nine nine and a half. Oh Oh my word I think cheese. That is astronomically high. That's that's college football like ever seen for a college game. NFL Game Yeah it's it's mid range like mid. Tier Big Five conference team team playing a lower. You know lower tier like the group of five team. This is Penn State. I house and yeah exactly it's it's legitimately absurd it's that shouldn't be an NFL line and you're going to be honest with you taking the dolphins plus nineteen and a half scenes like the play here teams just don't cover that type of line in the NFL on a usual basis now the patriots obviously especially with their new offensive weaponry happen really that we see that but I think the dolphins is the play there. What do you think of the Antonio Brown before we get into the dolphins bill but further further sh you know obviously there's allegations levied upon him the week do you Do you think we're GONNA see. Ab in the lineup this weekend. Do you think we will see ab the lineup anytime soon. I think he plays on Sunday to be perfectly honest. I know with all the stuff that went down yesterday the civil case it's being filed against him. I mean it really depends on what they see and what comes out over the next forty eight to seventy two hours but I just don't don't think it's going to move fast enough from court standpoint and from an investigation standpoint. That's going to bar any sort of suspension just yet. We've seen we've seen guys another teams throughout the NFL have allegations of of different off the field issues and we still see them right back back on their prior to investigations happening yeah the one thing I will say and this is not diminish a potential victim because you know if these things things happened. It's horrendous and she should have justice what I will say. However with that caveat is that this feels like really convenient timing yeah. It's and you hate to even like how's. The allegations are so serious. You hate to even like think something like that because is like you said if if these incidents occurred it's awful kicked out of the League like we're done with you. You can't it's it's so much bigger bigger than football and when you get to that point but if it's if it's a ploy the other way and you're just trying to sort of not cal guys kind of cash in basically based off what's been going on with him in the news and everything that's it's really really weird. It's weird the stoop to that type of thing well. It's heinous in a whole different way than the actual act would be heinous but right yeah. It's a tough situation I don't I don't I don't think this Antonio Brown thing is going to last very long in New England but let's talk about the dolphins in this this completely winless staying lasting throughout the entire season. I'm looking at the schedule right. Now we to the Patriots. That's a loss week three the cowboys. That's loss week for the chargers. That's a loss the five they can lick their wounds in a bye week. Don't have to take a loss but obviously don't get a win either week. Six the redskins are better than people thought they were. I think we saw let this weekend and they're only gonNA get better as they sort of jell together more. That's a loss. I'M GONNA mark this bills game or October. Twentieth is a question mark the Pittsburgh game game. They're not as bad as they showed on Sunday. That's a loss the jets game. I'm happen to be big on the jets this year. That's a loss the colts game. That's a loss the the bills game again. We'll leave this question. Mark The browns game the browns are not what they showed on Sunday. that is going to be a loss and if the browns are as bad. I don't think kids. It's going to be the head coach at that point so that's only gonNA help that team. Eagles on the first of December that is a loss the jets December eighth. That's lost lost giants. The Fifteenth Question Mark There Bengals as a loss patriots as a loss so what this comes down to is Miami has to be really Miami has speed in New York team to win a game this year be hit a more likely. The bills giants less likely the jets. I don't see this happening I really I think this team is going to hardcore implode and the worst thing that could happen to them after that just unimaginably bad defeat where they looked horrible in fifty nine to ten loss completely hapless against the Ravens is to play the Patriots the Patriots are going to win this game by thirty five the the morale and this team is going to be as low as it can ever possibly be and then they get a good Dallas team after that and then they get a good chargers team after that this dolphin team is going to be ruined psychologically by the time they get to their early season by week five and there's not becoming any coming back from that yeah. I mean I could certainly see an early season slide. I think I think we're really going to have to wonder is are there enough off guys on this team who wanna put out good tape because despite being on a team in the NFL everybody's playing for the next contractor the next opportunity where the next job. It's not a it's not a hey. I'm content here and especially a team like the dolphins whose traded away most of those. Hey I'm content here. I got paid. Hey guys and it's the games with the bills. They're huge question mark. The bills got lucky over the weekend the jets myths and extra extra point the jets really kind of choked on offense but the bills turn the ball over four times on armaments and still somehow got a win. It's almost unheard of to be minus four in the turnover game and still win especially on the road. You circled that Bengals game at the end of the season. I didn't know it was a loss this loss. I don't know where the bengals are going to be. They put Seattle. They tested Seattle this weekend without. Ha Green they actually utilize s John Ross on offense but I don't know how long Andy Dalton is for this team and I don't know contention wise where they're going to be at that point a same with the patriots in week seventeen. I know we said it's a loss but if the Patriots are say sixteen and fifteen in one. Let's put it that way where undefeated isn't necessarily surly question and there are fifteen and one headed into that week seventeen game. I would think that their season gregory their season would be over there. They would be fourteen in one in in that situation fourteen in one my apologies at math today every week. I see I see what you're saying. I I ah the Patriots backups better than the dolphins starters yeah. Probably it's certainly a possibility I mean I just don't i. It's it's always with the Patriots it always feels like the rich get richer and I know my my conversation from last week with the steelers beating them was wildly wildly incorrect but it seems very likely that we were going to see the Patriots on that second to last. Nfl Sunday hosting hosting the AFC championship at Foxboro Borough I don't know Greg. I think the second to last week of the season they're going to be playing in the pro bowl because the the chief since the Ravens are going to be playing. Let's see you're you just said you just said the absolute word this Ravens team. I mean listen what happened. What happened on Sunday was awesome for the Ravens for their fans for all the backers the ravens but again we know how bad this dolphins team is. I know the Ravens looked great but to buy into this hype the Ravens. We're going to be some sort of world-beater when they beat legitimately a team. That is a nice no other term tanking the dolphins. Dolphins are tanking for a top pick. They traded away. Their franchise left tackle four days before the season started. They traded away starting linebacker. They got rid of a wide receiver. Guys who contributed on offense and defense they got rid of these guys right before the season started so to come out and say while the Ravens even look how impressive they were look. How Great Lamar Jackson is he was fantastic but marquees brown is going to be running ten yards behind behind defenders every Sunday. I just don't see it yet. It's it's one of these things where you know people love to overreact especially in fantasy football where they a trade away their first round pick because they get Lamar Jackson I. It's it's it's weird to me to jump all over this week one. I I saw I don't know if it was Bavadra or elsewhere but I saw the over under for touchdown passes on the season four. Lamar Jackson prior to the year was set at fifteen and a half. That's what I heard. I heard that prior to the season starting and like to think that an NFL quarterback is gonNA throw less than the nat many touchdowns literally less than one per game. It's ridiculous and obviously he's off to an unbelievable start for over better than that situation but but it's a disgrace for them even set that Limet Lo look I'm not jumping on any bandwagon we can go back replay the audio from last week prior to any games being played played and this guy said it was going to be either the the ravens or the the Browns in the AFC championship game against the chiefs so I'm not jumping on any bandwagon fellow and don't will you put that evil on me. I'm more furious at a gentleman at one of my fantasy leagues who took Travis Kelsey in the first round and then traded him him to the team. That's had one weakness after week one for Lamar Jackson because he would have him as a thirteenth round keeper next year nothing like giving up on your fantasy season after week one for zero reason and trading your first round pick because you have a guy who could be a thirteenth keeper..

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