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One more vacancy has been filled Maryland announced they've hired Alabama offensive coordinator, Michael Loxley as the Terrapins next head football coach prior to his current stint with trims and tied. He was Maryland's offensive coordinator under coach Randy Edsall from twenty twelve to two thousand fifteen and in fact, he serve as interim head coach at Maryland. When Edsall was fired midway through the two thousand fifteen season urban Meyer is stepping down as Ohio state's head coach following the Rose Bowl. And it'll be offensive coordinator Ryan day taking over as head coach. In fact, they is reportedly agreed to a five year deal as the new head coach of the buckeyes former Clemson quarterback Kelly Bryant just announced he is headed to Missouri. He was sixteen and two is starter for the Tigers leading them to last year's college football playoff but was replaced by freshman Trevor Lawrence early this season. Hammering home. His message Feinstein never asked him about. Rush limbaugh. It became Mary. Weekdays eleven one talk radio ninety eight point three and fifteen ten wwl AC. Santa Bali downtown. Crazy. Upstage cost of labor. There's an interesting cultural training, I've always maintained that politics is downstream. Of culture. The gig economy as it's called JiJi gig, a term that was really only used by aggies to refer to what you do to a frog. The stabbing motion. Or the act of stabbing. Or more commonly how musicians refer to having a a book date for which they are going to get paid a gig. We're going they even use it as verb. I'll talk to some my musician buddies. What are you up to man, I've been gigging hard means a show every night? The concept of a gig. Some work. Is really used widely by young folks today in reference to the gig economy, and that is things like Uber and lift. Where? Guy gets off work at five o'clock. He goes into his Uber app. He turns it on. And he becomes a taxi driver. Guy gets off from work five o'clock his car's in the shop today. He becomes a taxi user. So he puts into Uber. I need a drive this kind of car I want this is the the the level of car I want, and I must say they're imperfect on that. But whatever. Economy, middle middle, SUV, limo, whatever and an exchange has been created. Well, American industry would not be what it is today. If it weren't if it weren't for our stock market. Our stock market allowed it an exchange whereby a low level person financially. Could invest in the largest of companies as long as they're public companies long as they sell parts of themselves out there. Thus was created the exchange originally the new York Stock Exchange. Well, there are other commodities exchanges. Now, there's NASDAQ which is more tech heavy, but this exchange the creation of a place where people could interact is as profound as the concept of currency. I've told the story before so forgive me for being tedious. But if I raise horses. And you grow turnip greens. I would like to buy five bushels of turnip turnip greens. And you say I will show you five bushels return beans, and I say, well, I don't have anything small enough to pay you because my horse is worth a lot. That's worth two years worth of turnip greens. Well, that's a very complicated arrangement. So the reason we created currency was so that small transactions could occur. Because I might require a three thousand bushels of turnip greens before I would ever trade you a horse. So it was an imperfect trade if things were of unequal value. So currency allowed you to assign one rock or one pepper corn or whatever the currency was a horse was five thousand so that when I sell a horse, a horde my five thousand pepper corns, and I can go out and buy some turnip greens and some olives and subpoena tes and whatever else I bought. That currency increased the amount of trade because it facilitated the trade it made trading easier. One of the problems with trading was the imperfection in in in value of things well currency made things much easier. So to an exchange makes things much easier because there are lots of people out there willing to drive for thirty minutes or an hour or two hours or three hours. But they don't want to go to work for a taxi company. You gotta pay the taxi company for the use of their vehicle. You gotta wait till the call comes in. And then be dispatched out to the call. Why do all that? And you had to go through the medallion system because the government gotten away and said, oh, we need to license. The taxis. What a joke. I used to be chairman of the committee that licensed the taxes in the city of Houston. What a complete and utter joke. The public doesn't need to be protected from taxi drivers any more than we need to be protected from nannies or carpenters or anything else. The marketplace will work these things out will there be a bad guy. Who becomes an Uber driver? Sure, Rebecca were taxi drivers to the inefficiency to people meant that people didn't want to call taxis. Because if you remember how bad it was you would call into the taxi and an hour later. The surly dispatcher will send somebody out to you. And by that time, you wish you hadn't even done it. Because you find another ride from somebody else. So what people do they get in their car drunk, all the reasons that people Uber now are are because it's better than the taxi. Well, when you think about how this exchange occurred, Airbnb who would have guessed that people would allow other people to live in their house in their house. That's an intimate thing, man. That's an invasion of your space. But they do it. They do it every day. The Airbnb was originally because this couple allowed somebody to come into their house and all they got was an air mattress. That's where the air came from. They gave him an air mattress. Twenty bucks a night, or whatever it was. Because if you could do that for ten nights, there's two hundred bucks, and they were sociable couple. So there you go. But now these level technology has allowed these levels of chain of exchange to occur to such an extent that young people can have a day job and two or three days a month. They can work a little extra and make a little extra. And there are people who don't like to go through the traditional corporate route. They don't want to stay at a corporate hotel. Then wanna use a corporate taxi? They want to engage with each other people just like them and there's nothing wrong with that. We're all slightly tribal and parochial in our own ways. And this allows at this gig economy works, except here's the problem. The gig economy is based the gig economy tends to serve more than anything else. Young fiercely independent people. Who are not joiners. They're probably slightly left leaning to moderate, they're younger. They're bigger risk takers. But the gig economy runs exactly opposite of the political ideology that they've committed to which is state ISM socialism. Governmental regulation, governmental control. So now, it's making these these millennials into the ultimate libertarians the ultimate fiscal libertarians because they don't want the government getting in between them an Uber. They want to go to south by southwest and get into an Uber. Not have to wait three hours on a taxi. Which was what you were what you were known to do before they wanna stay where they want to stay in the towns where they want to stay in. They don't want the they want to be able to rent out their apartment and not have to pay a local hotel occupancy tax through the government. It's an interesting fraying philosophically between the mindsets. It's a Jekyll and Hyde condition. And if we do our job if Republicans if conservatives if if liberty if conservative Libertarian-leaning conservative Republicans can do a better job explaining to young people, we don't have to lose all their votes. Many of them are actually freedom loving market believers, the gig economy is the ultimate free. Marketplace..

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