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Where they won like ten to five. He pitched the eighth inning shutout inning. And somehow he got the win. No runs were scored in the final five innings of that game so whoever pitch like the fitness six th the official scores like well. He didn't pitch well enough for me. So i'm gonna give it to go as ridiculous. Fantasy leagues are going to be one because giovanni goes got an undeserved victory in that game. Who would you give to whoever pitcher visiting that. I strongly disagree with you on that i get. That is the exact problem with the win rule and we don't have a win rule. Why would you give it to. What if five pitchers pitched in the final five innings. Why would guy goes eight because he was not as a. That's that's that's what an official scores told the do is that if the starting pitcher doesn't go five innings give it to the most effective relief pitcher that game regardless of role where they pitched in the game fictive. That's my whole point. They all the same number. Well then he should not be using wins as a category. Because that kind of junk happens right. And i've i've told you this i've gotten to the point where the win rule needs to be discarded outright for all players and i think that there should be a formula that decides who was the game's most effective pitcher and that guy regardless of where they pitch. If they're on the winning team they get the win period. That's the only way it should be ended up. We'll see what happens with dane. Dunning johnson follow up question regarding donning. Would you take him over. A guy like kluber yet. Just we gotta talk about corey kluber. I mentioned earlier. That second outing man. That was that was like dropping bad. That was that bad. I'm thinking of not even keeping them in a keep really. Were deadline is thursday. Don't forget to be. Don't be late. What are you doing like. What do you do kluber right now. I don't think. I want rostrum in any ten. Twelve team mixed league and i'm panicked as the guy who has him as my lead pitcher on my labor team. You know that. And i'm very happy that i have a group of people in that league. Were not gonna now come to me hearing this and try to give me ridiculous straight offers for him. But i'm a did not like what i saw. And by the way based on what you saw on paper he should have stepped up for tampa game. Tampa supposed to be a favorable match opposing. Starting pitcher in his problem velocities not bear. And i know he's not a velocity guy but when you're talking about everyone of the pitches being down a full mph. You got an issue there. None of his pitcher as effective in any way. He showed a little hint of better performance than that in spring training. I remember watching a couple of games. Where i thought he was. His stuff was better than this. So maybe it's the dead arm period for him but based on his injury history. I'm passionate the next game is very very critical. This is the al version of bumgarner. Stopped trying to make it happen. It's over at guys. Grank he can get away with this okay but kluber and bumgarner cannot most pitchers who would drop dropping velocity like this cannot get away with it. I don't know how great he does cranky while you. You know how he does it. He is brilliant. Low commands puts everything. Exactly where he wants to bluer in. That game was could not do that. And between injury and performance. I would cut him and i never rostered bumgarner at all so i put them in a mixed league you do. I don't know how much longer you can wait in a nail only like he's gonna kill your ear a what. What else am i getting now. The problem in labour's lock him in my lineup. But the problem. You know what you can't cut him in a moment you can't you know you can. I've got. I've got somebody in labor. Who is i've got who is Caleb smith okay. And he got demoted to the bullpen. Where actually pitched well in relief. I considered dumping. Caleb smith this week for some connor brogden one dollar ri- actually did i think you can drop kluber in an aloe smits in the bullpen. I get that that's better than kluber. Getting lytton as a starter. What how long are you going to wait on. Kluber zero helen. Not that long. But in an aol only league look at what your you. I've got careless. I'm about a week away. From cutting what. I'm gonna ask you what i asked every single listener who sends in a question should i caught and so well if there's no what are you getting to replace him. I just told you. Why are you routing him. I just told you. I i fifty relief pitcher. Who is not going to have an era of seven. Smith's not the same kluber right now. I don't know who's gonna be thrown back out number occasion for at least another two probably three turns always astra's look i hope for your sake and the yankees say he doesn't do more damage but you've decided that after ten days too early and i did too now. I'm just saying that in an illegal going on my bench. I'm not having him damaged my numbers and i'm waiting and seeing because is terrible so it's not labor no i hadn't labor. I have a problem with them in labor but very different very different argument there and of course i'd bet and how many leagues do labor's doing none and i get it. I like that rule. So you're if you're me you keep going with caleb smith. This is the last week. They're not the same you know. They're not they're not answer the question. Do you keep going with all not. Because they're not the same. So kluber you.

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