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Wednesday schedule four o'clock eastern three locally at wrigley it'll be the nationals in the cubs general arkhan jake arrieta and then later on at eight o'clock eastern it'll be ccc said that the inquiry kleuver and cleveland and that should be awesome to another game five i got to tell you man i am shocked that that series went to five games i did not expect it to go there no mean either i think it losing encarnacion for the cleveland indians is a big blow but i am thoroughly shocks that they were going there deep they have had some very good pitching on the yankee side which has been great to see a louis severino for me stepping up yesterday in doing what he did tells me a lot about the character 'cause we already knew the stuff was there they gotta gotta get encarnacion back it terry francona sounds like he's feeling pretty good that he's gonna come back but i i wasn't sure that this is going to be that big loss reich as last year they had so many injuries and at least they got michael brantley this year he's healthy again but no i i think there has been a chasm intimate lineup because edwin has been gone so we'll see our pans out tomorrow i think the kleuver falling off the edge in game one and then absolutely coming back and winning that game was a shocker my he's going on regular resi was sitting there in a long rest and he didn't want to admit it but the numbers bear out kluever's not as good on long rest and now the design regular rest i think he goes out there shuts the yankees down then again i thought the the indians with win this one in three or four games and that's not happen the ebola was also on the assumption leg guided too with the fact that uh.

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