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Yep um yet and i guess the things you one for listening to us of course through for the year i'm not sure what we're gonna be doing while i'm gone down we may put out a couple of we wanted who may take a little little break but will be back soon as the susan new year's around that's rightly of bratcher exciting nears things to share thyroid cancer yet and if by chance you have just doing us for the first time and you found this episode is your first louis at the radio show than i apologise to you for that i'm surprised me at this five this isn't what we typically do we did we talk about begin fitness or something at least ten gingerly related to that could be motivation mindset could be you know once we had a begin comedian james rana so you know we we we use thick kinda close to the top with with a few little rambles here and there but this this whole episode is all about just rambling and element as little more from we can do it together in person and crack opener of beer but not not in the cards this year now didn't work out for maybe we'll have a nears episode that would be that oh i like that idea but then we be doing to ramming episodes in in a row but maybe we could finally moving to hybrid on will figure it out yet all right anyway thank you for listening it's very funded do this job and now here we're so grateful for for all of you guys and hope that you have a happy and healthy holidays guess joy lots of vegan treats in that's right keep keep that run street going to write and then get kit up amped up for for habit changed in the new year him about that absolutely people hannam resolutions but i think i think news is great time to think about changes and make him.

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