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Hit the big time college game. Yeah i mean. I think it was a time where i really enjoy just playing and and if i wanted to compete. Continue playing This was the path that i had to take. Because i was i was short of that To point out So i had to not to make sure. I was really good in school. But i think my freshman year i had to come up so much to to to reach To get a get eligible. I was working hard and just missed having gone long syracuse and all these other big schools that was recruited me out out of high school but Junior college was really and truly a stepping stone for me It really helped me develop my game and me as a person As a student as a player. All of those things that i had to accomplish to get to the next level i can remember art. University of arkansas was was really on me. And i i went to a An arkansas game they were playing fly. Slamma jamma and Logic one and clyde drexler and these guys came out They came out. And i'm looking at these guys. And i say there is no way i can play division one basketball right now because i played four in the five and high school. And i'm saying i would have to go up against allows you want so. I needed that time and judy collins to really kind of developed my car skills and i had a great coach in dana. Hallman who coaches are oregon right now. Who every day you know. We worked on my ball handling work on my jump shot. We worked on all the skiers that was done. Make my transition much. He changed my shot over summer on. It took me about three or four months to kind of really kinda. Get it down But that was the steady you stole from me that i had to grow and so many areas to get to the next level. How did you end up. A case state then what taste and there was a lot of schools after me and Lon kruger a great coach. That i had opportunity to play with our to play for No just came into that. I have you know. Oklahoma university of florida Mel and all these schools after me and and coach prove of candidates say. Hey this is opportunity for you to come step right in and we're gonna build a whole program around you. You're not gonna go to a program at that time university. Florida had the moten boys. He said you're not gonna go into a situation where they already got their players. We're going to build everything around you. You're gonna be our guy now we're gonna put the players around you. And how can i turn that down. You know coming from junior college and probably would thank you another year to kind of get developing someone system. And then you're senior. You have time time to jail But this time. I was stepping in and they were tweaking everything to my abilities and and i couldn't turn it down mitch. Richmond is with us on sports byline played fourteen years in the nba with the warriors drafted him sacramento washington and also the lakers. He was the rookie of the year in the nba. 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