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He's never heard me talk about this and my wife hasn't heard the whole story either and my best friends have never even heard this story. So here is how my obsession in with cars specifically Mo- pars came to be enjoy. The first few years of my life were spent in Mo- parts but not the ones you would typically expect. I didn't actually grow up around mope our muscle cars by the time I was born in one thousand nine hundred five. My Dad's sixty nine dodge dart was long gone on. So instead of a body mo par grew up around to Mow Pars. That would shape how I feel about transportation the rest of my life. My Dad traded in his his dodge dart for a brand new black. Nineteen seventy five tradesman cargo van and he became a banner he went from cruising in his dart in going on the street races and is cruising around having a good time to trading that in getting a van a cargo van to join the van mccrae's so he customized that van from the ground up. Porthole Windows Louvers big spoiler on the back that It had a yeah. It was a really cool looking spoiler. Fender flares sunroof crushed velvet interior with shag carpet tinted windows big side pipes and appliance steel. Spoke wheels come to think of it. I said on the episode where I talked about my Dr. They might dad's car his Dr had reverse crackers on it but now that I think about it I believe they were actually appliance steel spokes. That's that I just wanted to clear that up. In case somebody went looked at the pictures you know did some fake news reporting on me so he actually had appliance steel spokes on his. I do have have crackers for mine. That van was sold to my uncle. Ray Rest in peace on a few years after I was born and I spent a lot of time cruising around to Van Fares with my dad got in that van. I will never forget those. I still dig the book events to this day and maybe if my wife can get past the whole creeper van stigma. I'll get one someday. So let's talk about some of the other mope cars of my youth in Nineteen eighty-five when I was born. My Dad's set out to get a sports car. He had already built his van and I think he just wanted to have some fun again behind the wheel because vans aren't that Nimble and I think he just wanted ended a fun little sports car because at the time he was taking me so we live in western Washington At the time we were living in Seattle and my mom lived in eastern Washington so every weekend my dad was driving across the mountains and he needed something that was reliable and good on gas or better on gas than any van. That was going over there or anything like that so he ended up getting a black nineteen eighty five dodge dodge Daytona Turbo Z. It had louvers just like the van and funny enough louvers or making a comeback. I've seen a lot of these cars running running around with louvers on him including Mo- pars so I think that's pretty funny and I guess it just goes to show that history does in fact repeat itself. The Turbo Z was black with the red pinstripe. Sun Roof it had the louvers like already said a manual transmission and my favorite part of the car Chrysler's electronic voice alert system. If you don't know what. The electronic voice alert was in Chrysler cars in the nineteen eighties. Look it up on Youtube. The car had a robotic doc. Eighties voice I mean. Think nightrider okay. I and I'm not kidding. So it has this eighties robotic voice. That would alert you to things like low oil pressure low fuel Low Windshield washer fluid and it would tell you to fasten your seatbelts and it would even thank you for doing so. You have to understand that so it would say like warning. Your oil pressure is low warning it you know so. It was hilarious like thinking back so eighties like so eighties. But at the time you have to understand that that as a kid this was nothing short of magic. This was a talking car. My Dad owned nightrider. Only this was cooler because it was dodge Daytona Turbo Z. I remember bragging to the kids at school that my dad had a talking car and they all laughed and said I was full of crap. How Dare I? I knew what I knew and I knew it was true. The fact that they didn't believe me made the car even more special to me. My Dad must have had the coolest car on earth that nobody else had. My Dad clocked over a hundred thousand miles in that car. Basically in three years from all the weekend trips to visit my mom a couple of hundred miles away how he logged. That many miles is a long story but I spent a large portion of my youth on the weekends driving in that car in the back seat. Speeding we're getting pulled over in. That car wasn't wearing a seatbelt. I I was standing up in the backseat and we got pulled over and you know. Hey Hey dad make sure. I'm sitting down with my seatbelt on at least you know but You know it was a different time. Then road tripping is definitely in my blood I love it and I think a lot of that stems from all the time spent in the backseat of that Daytona. So it definitely holds a soft spot in my heart because I I spent so much time in it. Yeah here's a funny memory a few years after the Daytona was traded in on something something more practical for our weekend road trip so a conversion van that my dad bought I was in second grade and there was a show and tell for the class. Now Mind you. We hadn't had the car for a while at this point and I insisted on bringing a picture of the Dodge Watch Daytona Turbo Z to school in the second grade for show until I just wanted to show off how cool the car was and I had my whole will spiel down. I was GONNA explain why my dad's old car the turbo that we no longer had was cooler than any of the cars. Those dorks could possibly even imagine in. This car was out of the future. It talked for. God's Sakes I had a great case to make and I did just that to about twenty blank stares. No one gave a rip about my story or my dad's car or anything like that. In fact I remember everyone including my teacher. Miss Davis looking at me confused. Everyone else had brought in toys pets little trinkets and knickknacks. And I rot in picture of Mike. Tad's old car. It was that point that I realize it. They were all dumb and I was a car guy. I didn't even know that term existed. Then all I know is that my enthusiasm Suzianne for anything that could be driven started as a young boy and followed me into manhood. I was absolutely obsessed with semi trucks and cars. It's no wonder nearly three decades later. I would not only still be a car guy but that is also be driving a truck for a living. I'm a commercial vehicle driver. I guess it was destiny. There are two other MO- pars that were in my life that had an impact on my youth and the first was in nineteen eighty. Five Chrysler. Lebaron that my grandma who I knew as Nanna drove all the way up to the point that she could no longer drive. We even traveled halfway across the country in that car. I spent a lot of time in that Chrysler as a kid. Next to the Kenilworth I would drive later in life. That Lebaron Barron took me to more places in this country than any other vehicle in my life I was never too fond of it though but I associated. My grandma with that car are so in a way it was very special to me and my dad's still has it. As I grew up in gained more knowledge I realized what at a p O s that Lebron was because it had a two point six Mitsubishi engine in it what a disappointment that was what garbage garbage it was. Here's a funny story. That whole nervous telling it just because I feel like my grandma's listening to this right now and she would turn in over three times in her grave she heard it The only other person that knows this story I think is my friend. That was in the car with me me when this happened but I don't remember which friend it was so I was a borough kid with a minimum wage job at a local independent tire store and my car had broke down so I needed to borrow a car so I told me that I would fill up her car with gas if she let me borrow it and while out and about with this friend of mine I pull up to a stop light in front of my old high school and if I remember the story correctly a- punk in a station wagon pulled up next to us and I looked over and joking with my friend I was like you know whatever ever I said I think it was like. Oh I'm going to run this guy you know just joking around. And when light turned green me and the guy in the other car both left the line in working only described as the complete opposite of what would be considered a hard launch and drag racing. I gave that P. O. S. two point six. Excuse my right foot could give it and that P. O. S. gave nothing back after the slowest drag race in history. I pulled into the gas station and put a few bucks of the cheapest eighty seven octane regular unleaded that I could and then I returned turned it unscathed back to China. They like now that I think about it. Here's a memory. The Lebaron is the first car that I ever actually pumped gas in. When I was a young kid Nanna had actually been the one to teach me how to pump gas and she did it when I was like? Gosh I don't remember how old I was but I was young so good the Job Dad. You let grandma teach your son how to pump gas. Did I say that I returned her car unscathed. That's not entirely entirely accurate. Oddly enough after I borrowed the car it never ran right again and Nanna attributed to me not putting king middle grade fuel in it so she had this theory that she could only put eighty nine octane in this hold Lebaron because that's the only only gas it could run good on and let's be honest. The car never ran good at all but she blamed me for ruining her car. Because I put the bottom of the barrel eighty seven regular unleaded gas in it..

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