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Helicopters are large carnivorous members of the reptile family and by large I mean Hugh Fungus? They can grow up to three point. Four meters long at up to four hundred and fifty kilograms. American alligators can live for a long time up to fifty years. You can find American alligators in the southern USA. In Ponds Lakes and swamps alligators were on the brink of extinction but thanks to conservation efforts. They were over one million of them alive today. Alligators seem a little bit hesitant. But this swamp monster like but trust me the females are actually really good. Mom's alligator mothers later in on the shore guarded to keep it safe from predators. And when Mama gator? Here's peeps from inside the aches. She waits for her babies to hatch. Ben She carries the baby safely to the water her. Ab Alligators spent two years with their mothers. She keeps her safe from predators like raccoons birds and other alligators. After two years. The babies are big enough to fend for themselves and they go off on their own. Alligators are awesome now. Before you go. I know you've been waiting for this today. Under story of Earth Ranger. Sarah is going to tell us a little story about a mischievous little pink. I'm Earth Rangers. Sarah I'm GonNa tell you a story about when our pigs got out so it was first time. We got the next day when my brother went to feed them he opened the gate and they ran straight out. They went into our Hayfield and we were looking for for about an hour and we had to go to school. That Dane get ready. Got All of our nice warm clothes. I ran out to find. He took were ever. They're running and running all catch but then my brother her. He walked up to bail. And behind key chased. It overtook my mom and dad's. We almost missed the box. I had to get my backpack ready and get all my clothes and go to school. That's the story of my pigs. Getting at Was a great story so much trouble because of one little adventure. Thanks Sarah for your awesome submission. Now remember if you ever real story but it amazing animal encounter. I'd love to hear it. Also by submitting your story you'll be entered for a chance to win a special. Earth Rangers Price Bag. You can tell us your story. By going. To Earth Rangers Dot com slash podcast and clicking on the green button with the megaphone. That says leave us a message. I can't wait to hear yours. Well Earth Rangers. It's been quite the podcast. We learned pretty much. All there is to know about wolverines and we figured out that it was alligator. That made that interesting noise. I think it's high time I take a little nap. Windsor scratchy one. Of course until next time thanks for listening and keep on range in best ever DOT com..

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