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Tryon's today choose the five frames you'd like to try on male the frames back choose your favorite pairs have your prescription attitu an order or reporter makes her experience completely risk free and free shipping all around visit worry parker dot com slash big picture to begin your free home try on experience today have an iphone x make sure to download worry parker's at where you can use their brand new feature find your fit on your fit uses the iphone x is true deaf camera to map and measure key facial features using these measurements find your fit recommends approximately twelve worby parker frames that are likely the best fit for your face i tried this actually worked the process is seamless and takes only a few seconds check it out okay no back to my conversation with andrew hague tell me about raising money for movie being an independent filmmaker what is that like for you now at the stage of your career it's definitely easier than ever was i couldn't make any it was so hard to raise the money for weekend in that the budget was was less than a hundred thousand dollars in still couldn't ways the money for it took ages to definitely it's easier this was probably quite a tough film to get the money who will because you need you need enough money to be able to make it out in the middle of nowhere it's you race tracks you need wholesales so all to massively that raises the budget but at the same time it's not a hugely commercial movie you know with a lead that is not a stall because he's a fifteen year old kid so those challenges in terms of getting the money because it was very good at we pushed it to the level that we could get and it was you know i think off to forty five years that helped at least i think the movies as an idea of what they all we can it's about a couple of guys that.

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