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Future navy federal credit union our members are the mission it's three twenty eight traffic and weather on the eight Sears day bill by in Virginia sixty six he's bounced a slow past one twenty three the remains of a crash on the left side of the works on westbound delays are manageable through the work zones between the beltway and Centerville crash in Centerville in twenty nine near I sixty six is clear ninety five is good between Springfield Fredericksburg save a southbound slow down near the aka Quan we expected three ninety five no southbound delays in Virginia but in the Washington northbound heavy traffic on the fourteenth street bridge and southwest freeway between made out in the third street tunnel the sign works blocking the left side both ways on the freeway and coming out of the third street tunnel under New York Avenue it is only in one right lane pastor Jersey Avenue getting into the new traffic pattern staying far right inbound on New York Avenue Biondi Jersey Avenue believe your only option is to either turn left on fourth street northwest war into the southbound third street tunnel at last report the inbound lanes were blocked as they put that new traffic pattern into place in Maryland on the inner loop the beltway slow from College Park greenbelt there's a crash reported near I. ninety five the debris has been cleared your greenbelt station exit twenty for the early planes are passable there toward Riverdale south down kind of worth Avenue for ten purple line construction delays southbound on two oh one east bound on for ten today two seventy no works on delays between Rockville and Frederick fifty toward the bay bridge eastbound still slow but both lanes on the eastbound span are open the crash above the Chesapeake is clear back in Virginia on route seven westbound rather lengthy delay today from difficult running Colvin run toward the work zone in rest in your Baron Cameron Avenue it is only one lane getting by westbound on seven last hour we had a crash on Fairfax county parkway reported southbound south of the Dulles toll road your sunrise valley drive believe that crash is still getting cleared still causing slow southbound traffic Dave told on WTOP traffic to Lauren reckon there's cooler today were saying below normal in the mid to upper seventies DCM points Albany's getting clouds and even if you're Fredericksburg through the eastern shore.

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