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You the satellite feed that's always off a little bit to the bubble even so they don't react for like three or four seconds in love that that's gone and the entire experience was stolen for me and i feel i feel robbed triggered robbed and triggered yes fire truck jet yet mike right yeah i'm fucking true because they announced he's one of the key there's there's certain things that you could just rely on as a sports fan wildcard weekend the first weekend of of nfl you know the nba finals opening day baseball taking a nap in the master heaping taking nap in the masters you don't not caring about you know the baseball allstar game these are things that we as sports fans just have like in our calendar every single year and selection sunday is one of them and they fucking all as the two days after the baseball star game where there's absolutely no sports tv and you get to you will you could be nba get to go out in those two days afterwards and do actual human thing yes away from a television so they take it from us flew the lions losing on thanksgiving these are things that we love innings or get away from philip rivers that being down by four points in the fourth quarter it's these are things that that like i set my watch to these are things that make me the patterns that you get in your life really determine we're not we're not haunt i want to do is i i want to sit down and i want my brackets to be introduced me in bracket four it really comes onto this as sports fans weird dumb animals and we are stupid people and i look like embrace our stupidity no that we like things the way they are and the way they always have been and when you do changed when you make change it it scares us and we get angry we get cornered and we start lashing out we get frankly i'll fight some someone i was like i i was i had my hand in a fit your arteries lindsay arthur maim the at our ties like some across me i'ma suffolk and throwing punches yeah just because i don't like this change the only way to fix this is to bring bratpack the presidential bracket the trump did to last year i wanted it i want.

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