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They will go in this ransom off line now with something happened with them. They have disappeared so the move comes after. Some guy named joe gave an ultimatum to russian president vladimir putin about acting on ransomware groups in his country yeah. I'm sure that some senile guy named joe issuing an ultimatum had a real effect on What putin's gonna do obviously very scared of senile. Old men named jovi will stop all things. Because all yeah. I'm sure that has all my favorite part on this. Just like it's almost like if you're playing chess like war you want wanna be you know you wanna be stealthy. The chinese superstar are asymmetrical warfare but whatever biden met with martin euros a list of sixteen critical install That are off limits cyber-attacks. You're not attack water. System do not attack our our oil system. Do not i literally and he just gave him a list. These are not the act. Their critical rarely fell so are evil is gone for the moment. Meanwhile in the uk the police have seized nearly two hundred and fifty million dollars worth of digital assets in a money laundering. Sting the biggest seizure. Ever executed in the queen's united kingdom so two hundred fifty million dollars digital assets have been confiscated makes me wonder like how do they get them. If they're on hardware access keys how do we get these digital assets these or they sit with a sitting on exchange and The largest the you know complication ever but just because they confiscated have access to it right like. Oh hey we found out that you have this but so here here. Here's this particular one. There was a thirty five year old woman who was who see. They seized over one hundred and fifty thousand dollars the bitcoin She had established multiple mutual bank accounts to receive the proceeds of bounceback loans. Part of a program that was issued by the government during covid nineteen. The woman the instigation. Reveal that after receiving the funds in the mule bank accounts the woman used them to purchase bitcoin. So i don't know how they know. She purchased bitcoin with them but she probably wasn't the smartest know in the box. I'm guessing you probably went to coin basis though she got caught and then not so smart. Yep so i did not realize this that bit maim The john was the former. Ceo bit mate. How long is that. How does that happen. I don't know. I haven't. I haven't talked to jihad but he's welcome to come on the show and answer all the questions. Are you mentioned What's that why are you know. I think i wanna because if it's about with with china cracking down on bitcoin mining of that is impacted that in some way but basically saying that he thinks that regulations are necessary for drip. Don't industry are going to be beneficial the space and it's going to eliminate bad actors and fraudulent activities. So this seems to me. He's maybe doing some talking to appeases chimes overlords. Yes we need to be regulated. We need to stop all the bad actors which are point zero three percent or some money been gripped is being used for navarrese means point three of one percent. How many regulations do we have on fiat currency ryan on transacting with markets tons of regulations and has stopped bad actors from acting badly. No but speaking of china. This is pretty fascinating here..

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