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They still can't find that correct balance where they're good on both ends it really kind of came down to that stretch last season after they lost bogey where they're able to kind of meld the two with Nico playing off of a d do you think a lot of the fact that they're back in the reverting back to that sort of flawed structure, I guess or hover you want to say, it, you think that's because Niko has been hurt so much this year. Help. But he hasn't missed you know, fifty percent of the season. He's missed, you know, thirteen games fourteen games. Like that. I just I don't know exactly what the reason is that the drop office so drastic defensively 'cause they were like a top five defense in the second half last season. And that's without the market. And you know, it's just like you mentioned there, drew Holiday Inn. Anthony Davis our first team all NBA all defense. I mean that is crazy to have a team that's twenty fifth and defend two guys like that to very high plus guys overpaid and not a bad defender. Julius randle. Not a good defender. And all I do think that is hurt them more than they probably antiquated, but it shouldn't account for this much for problem. The fact that don't have a traditional three I think hurts them from time to time defensively, particularly in certain match ups like against the warriors, for example. But there's really. Not huge explanation other than they have been banged up. And they just haven't played very hard defensively a lot of times. And I think it's really hurt him this year, Scott, I don't know if you've heard this before, but they haven't had a true three since Quincy pond, Dexter. Go back to Trevor REEs, quite frankly seriously in this day and age if you don't have those type of players up and down your author you're going to struggle in for them. They had to kind of piece together different lineups going with three guards at times. Play more. Big guys. They're doing a little bit of the Niko. Randall a D lineup, right? Yeah. It's a lot. They're doing some of that. It's not a ton mean ninety just got back game to go. It's really more that every time your holiday or Anthony Davis when mostly everytime holiday steps off the court at the dumpster fire on defense. It is a complete disaster. I think they're I mean, he's gotta have the one of the biggest spreads of plus minus you know, on and off the court in the league. I think it's like twenty one point based on when he's on and off and he hasn't missed a game this season. So it's not as if that's being, you know, if you buy sample size, or, you know, it's it's just bad. They really don't have anyone else can do anything. Like he does. And it's in one half because Kerala as and excellent player. He's definitely a huge contributor. Then both ends. But it's also really expose their debt and exposes just how few options at Alvin gentry has that are actually reliable. I mean, he's playing in Fraser at least in the last couple of games. He's playing Frazier a ton of minutes, and it's just because he has no other offense. Tim Frazier cut. I'm walkie right Hct, and he got added in the day the season started..

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