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I'm Tom Terry pleasant weather, more clouds, and I'm watching a slight chance for rain as well. That's coming up, and I'm Hickey Dixon, taking a look at the interactive radar. We've got rain around the central Florida area here in downtown Orlando. We've got some cloudy skies. Seventy two degrees in downtown Orlando. Seventy four in Kissimmee. Hovered over vice president Joe Biden rallied in Orlando audience, mostly Democrats to vote in the midterm elections. The former vice president took shots at Republicans running Washington. The budget committee, chairman of the house of representatives who is a Republican has already put out a report calling for a cut of five hundred and sixty billion dollars in Medicare already. By the way, sporting boom, man, it's your life. God darn it. But it says this country has to come together a few the anger and division in America today, a man is recovering from a shark bite after he was surfing and Ponce inlet. According to Volusia county beats safety the man hopped off his board in ankle deep water when a three and a half foot shark bit his foot for other saw the same sharks circling the area. The man did not have to go. The hospital Orange County deputies have identified the man shot and killed overnight in Apopka twenty year old Cornelius Denison shot and killed early this morning on south Hawthorne avenue. A relative took innocent of Florida hospital Apopka where he was pronounced deceased. Deputies say they have a suspect in the shooting but unclear whether that man has been located or taken into custody. Darrell Moody, News ninety six point five WDBO. Sandra Day O'Connor says she's retiring from public life after being diagnosed with dementia. The first woman to serve on the US supreme court was nominated by president. Ronald Reagan Reagan in nineteen eighty. Eighty one. She was seen as a sway key swing vote on the high court before her retirement in two thousand six and the money just keeps on piling up. You'll have another chance at winning the mega millions jackpot tonight as a winnings increased to one point six billion dollars nine three here at news ninety six point five WDBO before.

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