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But as a fan, their mentality sometimes, like, for example, your kids might be well intentioned, but as much as they really want to do something, you gotta go like, Listen, kid. You're not gonna do this right now. You're not. You don't realize what you're getting yourself into. This isn't best for you Long term. And for players that like is a fan. You look at the players, you go yell. I get these guys want to get in, but that's not best for them like it's not best for the team. You care about the team. You want to see the team do well. The players want to do well because they want to have the reputation of Hey, we got to the playoffs. They try to make more money out of that. So their contracts at stake. I get that reputation at stake. So for that reason they want to get to the playoffs. But as a fan I wonder how many fans of teams in the NFC East actually want to see their team make it this week? Plaster on the line. I mean, how many teams or how many fans actually want to see their team tank out? So 855 to 1 to 4 to 27 and Terry Jones show. Also, Let's talk. Tomo dp in Cleveland. What's up D p. Hey, You're all right. I want to make two points. First of all. What you talking about right now with the NFC East and the one in the team to make it? Yeah. Completely agree last year last game of the season, I wanted the Browns to lose. I've never wanted to brown salute, but I was like, why would we win? It's not gonna help anybody. Not gonna make sense that he goes down or up is not gonna make us go down there. If we need more players we need to hire drafty. So I was okay with us Losing. Plus, we got really kitchen, so I completely understand. Yeah. Get rid of kitchens was a big deal, by the way, Because now you got your fancy massive upgrade. Yes. And about the Lyman love for the Lyman. I'm gonna tell you right now really, really important. The Browns lost to the jet. Not only because we didn't have any wire receivers, which I think was a travesty but also Baker make do with under the rest most of the game. He thought he had a fumble because guys were sacking him and hitting him before all over the place, because why it tell her was number one Rank lineman. Out for a game and then our number one draft pick from last year. Our left tackle without for the gang. Two of our best lining after the game made the whole game a lot of different. The Jets look like Old giants from like the eighties like that's how bad it was without alignment. Offense of lining playoff big role, Not to mention Karim Hunt. Nick Chubb can't run if they don't have any guy blocking. Exactly. It's they batter so much, but we we talk about these guys. We include them in the analysis so rarely, and it's a shame. And thanks for the call, man. I appreciate like that's the point. You see David Bachtiar e Go down you go, man. That's a massive deal, but After the games, playing as the game's getting played, It's gonna be a lot of like, Well, you know, Aaron Rodgers just needs to handle pressure better. I mean, like, if that's the case, Yeah, sure you'd like to they handle the pressure better, but also losing an all pro left tackle is a massive deal. That's a huge deal. They're Super Bowl ads take a bit of a hit because he went down. So those kinds of things really matter it just feels like it doesn't get talked about enough so a 55 to 1 to 4 to 27. It's I joined the show 855212. 4 to 27. I'm Vince Quinn in for J. R. And when we come back a lot of wide receiver talk in the next hour, Brandon Cook said something really interesting to say that's coming up next. Keep it right here. It's Jane and.

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