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The police say they believe a former employee at the business got into a disagreement with the man and shot him the man was taken to the hospital and the suspect fled the scene before police got there everyone inside the business was safe and and we have desiccation still ongoing I see lawmaker is warning it legal action over post right share fee for pick ups and drop offs at Phoenix sky harbor airport KTAR screen so that's a Tino is live in the newscenter with those details state representative Nancy Bartow says show last the Arizona Attorney General to strike down the five dollar fee if it's approved basically the reason is because we have to uphold the law Bartosz as the right share fee would violate proposition one two six voters approved it last year to ban new taxes or tax increases on services her message first Phoenix city council members should rethink this whole thing and respect the will of the voters here the fee was approved in October but because of a procedural mistake a revote is set for December eighteenth live in the newscenter Griselda said Tino KTA on you may have seen the video that's gone viral a man seen trying to steal a wheelchair from a woman I'm a Phoenix light rail train late last month not a suspected thief has been caught sure but he is behind bars in the public is largely to credit for helping investigators not long after the release of this video he was captured sure but is now facing several charges including robbery attempt to kidnap a salt and vulnerable adult abuse he also had two outstanding warrants John through our with our TV partners at ABC fifteen reports the victim is doing well Arizona votes on you always predictive insights poll puts former vice president Joe Biden in south bend Indiana may or people to judge within just two points of president trump among Arizona voters Mike noble with always PI says what this means so errors on it now and we are currently close race but you know it could be a battleground state which is going to have the band before the poll also put the president up against other Democratic Front runners but he holds at least forty five percent of the vote against any of the top five amending remaining democratic contenders with the recent deadly shootings at military bases across the country it was in in the morning news ask retired CIA Middle East station chief Daniel Hoffman if the US seems to be more particular with who they allow and to train about old issues as well with home grown terrorism and and I think we can get to that and not necessarily call out specific countries with large but rather examine individuals Hoffman says in the case of the Saudis soldier that recently killed sailors in Florida the vetting process let the base down Katie a our eyes and education a.

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