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How does a bullshit accusation like this turn into a criminal case in the courts and basically waste taxpayers money. The kid lied about his age Spacey and the cops that's number one. Number two. The kid was being served alcohol as a minor at his place of employment number three. There are no witnesses to back his story. And he was at a public place of business number four the few second, long, Snapchat. Video apparently shows Spacey touching the kid's shirt. Basically, no the contact. That's what I've heard. I haven't seen it. Number five. The kid didn't follow police report for sexual assault in a public place until intil the me metoo accusations against Kevin Spacey began to surface and number six the case was not investigated until nearly a year later, but let me tell you what really matters to me. Maybe it's not being caught by everybody who reads the story, but this kid hired a lawyer name Mitchell Garabedian, I know his name through my buddy, Neil Gumbel Garabedian is a guy who goes after victims of abuse in the Catholic church, and he's gotten a ton of money for for for many, many abuse victims people who are grown men now from years before in one of those people is Neil dumble and he's awaiting his his payout. This could look like all. This young man wants payout. When you got Gary bidding on your side, you going for money because he's a shot like that. And the jury might see it that way as well. And that they look at it that way, they might go ahead and declare Kevin Spacey not guilty, which is the way I think it's gonna go. I really do. So Mitchell Garabedian involve in here could hurt could hurt the prosecution I hope to God. And for sake of rule of law Spacey sues this kid and the DA formulas militias malicious persecution. I think he has a case to do that. And we already seen that he has a big parables on them. What that fucking video. He made holding the Cup. Basically is advertising that the British monarchy. You know, put the fucking nine on him or loves him. He throw the stops out of that video. So he's got a big pair of brass balls. Maybe he would go SU who the fuck knows. But no matter what your opinion is base is a what he may. Or may not have done the past. This case is ridiculous based on the facts and the testimony of the police officer who made the report. It just it's not going to go this kid's way. And you're all going to scream and go. This is bullshit. Kevin Spacey's a creepy is. Maybe he is. And I'll be the guy likes guys he likes guys on the younger side, we know this. But this, particular instance. I'm side myspace. He sorry. Let me just say this too. And this show is going to be a bunch of little difference nip it's things I've caught in this week where nothing gets done, basically, Tiffany haddish. I've already had this girl. It's not her full. But I'm gonna tell you her fault. But the fucking media through her at us and made us like her you gotta like this new black comic. She's the best. She the first female black hostess, the first African-American shut the fuck out. Let me just hear jokes. I don't care if she's the first the suck in, you know, Swahili just let her talk. Didn't take much for Tiffany haddish to to just fuck up the end of twenty eight teen by opener big trap. She gets on Twitter. And by the way, her wig was so I love this word a skew my God. She looks you rancher a fucking windstorm to get through a phone. But. She thought she's so cute. She's putting on the big smile, and apparently a fan of hers at one of her comedy shows gave her a fur vest, the sleeveless vest, and she was wearing and she said sorry pita..

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