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Doll and Betty Levet before that, honoring Nancy Wilson with Save your Love from Me. Hi. Paul Cavalcanti With new standards on W. N. Y C. Tuck in Patty performed two songs that were composed by 20th century musician and we lost this week in 1970 50 years ago. One of the great what ifs in music. Concerns Jimi Hendrix what if he continued beyond the flamboyant rock star that he was for just a few years in the late sixties? And pushed further into a jazz direction in his music. Would he have written Mohr now? Standard songs like the ones you're about to hear. Would he have collaborated with artists is diverse is Miles Davis or Stephen Stills. Their paths did cross in his short time. Tuck in Patty honored Jimi Hendrix with castles made of sand and little wing and we remember the larger than life musician who was also an expressive if shy singer And a substantial writer of pages in the 20th Century songbook. Down the street. You can hear a screen your disgrace as she slams the door in his drunken face, no stands outside and on his neighbor's standard because of Andrew Hey, girl, You must be mad. What happened to the Swede? No. You and me against Spencey leans starts seen mysterious fallen burners got angry. So castles made us all.

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