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Midnight. Bourbon cost the opportunity to better place in the minute. The jack comes off that answer to the question is yes if paco stays on. It's kind of clear in the video at least to me that midnight bourbon was gonna run third. They both had gone by him or were in the process of going by him. And you know it just seemed like that was where it was going gonna end up now. Paco disagreed a little bit. In the post race quotes. He said he told everybody was fine. And he's gone ice up but he said my horse kicked me in. The knee felt pain in my ten in there and i couldn't move my leg for about ten minutes. I'm fine now you know. He's given us report. He said i had my horse and the right position to win. I was fighting back but my horse had a lot of run left. So i think i could have won that race. I one hundred percent disagree with that part of the statement because you were in the lead and both horses kind of went by at the same time now. They weren't you know. I think he would have been a length and a half back to links back and i know. It's hard for the stewards. You don't want them playing god in terms of just being out there. Predicting what could have happened But you know. I disagree with pacos comet. They're just from watching races like midnight. Bourbon was not winning that race. They were actively going by him. But then the horse did log in and so therefore again he was cost the opportunity for a better place. So i one. Hundred percent agree with the disqualification. One hundred percent agree with kind of how that all played out. there was a great quote afterwards. Flabby his only real quote was. I'm really proud of my efforts. Just clip heels That's it It in parentheses. this is lynn. near since reporting. We should give linda shoutout Says floppy and apologized to palko at parco said it happens. Man it does happen. Doesn't it tackle. It does happen sometimes. But yeah very eventful edition of The haskell here in two thousand and twenty one it's been a interesting haskell's in recent years authentic member last year where it looked like. He was like falling asleep in the last sixteenth. Violent almost got caught. You have maximum security taken out king for a day two years ago winning when it was a thousand degrees outside. I was a fun race. So let's take quick time out we come back. We'll talk more about the hassle car the diana card. It is a weekend. Recap of jason beam horse racing. Podcast brought to you by twin. Spires the jason beam. Worst bracing podcast.

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